Invisible ‘beauty’ friend: ‘low cost’ cosmetics for this Christmas


The Christmas They are just around the corner and never better said. One of the traditions that are usually carried out at this sweet time of year is that of the invisible friend. A game between family and friends that consists of giving gifts to the person who has won us in the previously held draw. In addition, as one of the rules, the amount of the gift is usually agreed upon. On many occasions, gifts are usually adapted to everything low cost and that is why we are going to give you some ideas to give away the best products beauty at low cost.

Mercadona concealer

How could it be otherwise, Mercadona offers the best products for less than 10 euros and, according to cosmetic experts, they are among the best they have tried. First of all, the supermarket brand, which also has a specific makeup line (Deliplus) has launched eye concealers in different shades for less than four euros.

Mercadona / Mercadona eye shadow
Mercadona eye shadow

no doubt a must have for any situation, either to wear an elaborate make up or a more casual one for day to day. In addition, these types of products usually last a long time, so you will probably not have to buy another one for at least two or three months. A marvel.

Within Deliplus there are highlighters, lipsticks, makeup bases, but also the most ideal shadows. One of the palettes that cannot be missing from your cosmetic bag and that is ideal to give away is the Éclat Deliplus full face palette that contains light and dark powder, blush and highlighter. Several aesthetic basics in the same case, which will become your new obsession and that of the person to whom you give it as a gift.

Kiko Milano Highlighter / Kiko Milano
Kiko Milano highlighter

Leaving the range of Mercadona products we find Kiko Milano, another of the ideal firms when it comes to buying makeup for the face. One of the best sellers is the highlighter. Holidays Gems Sparkle Drops that is dosed by a dropper, that is, unlike those of powders, these must be applied in another way, also very simple. The golden color will give a glow effect to your skin that will leave everyone dazzled. This product is priced at 13.99 euros and yes, it is perfect to surprise the invisible friend.

Be that as it may, Mercadona and Kiko Milano can avoid all the headaches in relation to the options you have to give away, since many of the products they offer do not exceed 15 euros.


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