Investigation exonerates former NASCAR driver Clint Boyer after crash kills pedestrian


Fbefore NASCAR driver and Fox Sports analyst Clint Boyer was acquitted almost two weeks after his car hit a pedestrian on a highway in southwestern Missouri.

Lake of the Ozark Police Department (LOPD) conducted an investigation, during which it was determined that the pedestrian was 47 years old. Mary Simmons. Boyer, whose blood alcohol test showed no alcohol in his system, did not appear paralyzed at the time of the fatal accident, police said.

Investigators said the pedestrian had, among other things, a bag containing a crystalline substance. Presumably she was walking down the exit from Highway 54 when Boyer’s car hit her.

Police Investigation Exonerates Clint Boyer

LOPD Chief Gary Launderville spoke to a local news outlet and said the department was waiting for the report to be released until they could conduct a thorough investigation. He also stated that the deceased woman’s friend confirmed that they both drank and used methamphetamine at the nightclub. R.V. A park on the day of the accident.

“I knew it was going to happen,” Launderville said, “so we kind of waited to make our report and not make mistakes.”

Police confirmed that Boyer stopped his car immediately after the crash to dial a number. 911 but the woman unfortunately died at the scene. The accident happened on June 5 and that was the last time Boyer posted on social media.

Bowyer retired in 2020 after 15 years of racing. NASCARwin 10 Cup Series roots. He is known for his sense of humor and light-hearted nature as an analyst for Fox Sports.


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