Interview with Bertín Osborne after accepting the award in Madrid

Beltyn Osborn Activities have resumed after the holidays and have travelled to Madrid, where they have collected International Press Awards in the Innovation Reporter category. The Andalusian was very happy with the recognition and did not hesitate to join the media who asked him about the award. Showing off his sense of humor, the artist said he feels overrated because he is not a journalist, but he is very grateful for the award: «I feel overrated, outrageous. I’m not a journalist, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart”, he commented. “I do a TV show. It might work because I’m not a journalist and that’s why they tell me more”, the singer stressed, assuring that the format he’s doing is not innovative, but something other communicators have done before him thing, because that’s the case with Jose Maria Inigo “I’m more comfortable, I’m sitting on the couch rather than sitting on the table,” he said.

Bertín Osborne accepts the award in Madrid. / Getreth

Currently, Bertín Osborne is so focused on various projects that he has little free time: “I’m a little tired,” he says. Although he manages to achieve everything thanks to his healthy lifestyle, he does a lot of exercise and takes care of himself: “I’ve lost ten kilos,” he admits. He doesn’t have time for a relationship, but he does have time to see his family. In addition, in addition to being very busy in his career, not long ago, after the birth of his daughter Claudia’s first daughter Mikaela, he became a grandfather again.

Bertin Orborne at the awards ceremony. / Getreth

Although separate Fabiola Martinez, maintains a very close relationship with her: “I’m going to meet her now, spend an afternoon with them, play Monopoly,” he commented. The singer isn’t thinking about falling in love again, and the most recent Venezuelan says she won’t close the door on love, but doesn’t elaborate: “I don’t have time, I don’t like it,” assured Bertín Osborne, who categorically ruled it out There is room for a new relationship in the short or medium term in their plans, “if anything happens,” he has ruled.

Bertín Osborne and José Luis Martínez-Almeida at an event in Madrid. / Getreth

He was the mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida The person in charge of the award ceremony. The date of the mayor and the businessman once again shows the good harmony that exists between them and does not fail to show their sense of humor.

Besides Bertín Osborne, actor Antonio Banderas was another winner, although he was unable to attend the delivery ceremony. Likewise, veteran journalist Pedro Piclas was recognized and delighted with the award, while commenting that he currently has a lot of work to do.