Interswitch and FIRS highlight the benefits of the digital tax remittance system


Taxpayers in Nigeria have been encouraged to adopt digital tax remittance due to the various benefits the system offers.

in a thematic program Sustainable fiscal management: Exploring digital remittances held on Thursday, November 24, 2022, the stakeholders agreed that this system allows for transparency and the effective use of funds.

At the event, which was held at the Victoria Crown Plaza Hotel, Lagos, it was stated that the digital tax remittance initiative also realizes the payment of the mandatory levy and enables a convenient system of tax filing and payment by private citizens, tax administrators, accountants, tax auditors, tax advisers, bankers and businessmen.

Remember that the Federal Internal Revenue Service (FIRS), to facilitate the payment and filing of taxes, introduced the Tax-Pro Max electronic filing platform.

At last month’s program to raise awareness of the benefits of adopting the digital tax remittance system, FIRS explained that the Paydirect solution, which is integrated with the TaxPro Max system, adds to seamless filing and remittance of taxes, boosting the efficiency of the collection system and facilitating compliance.

Commenting on the awareness of the critical mass about the need for the adoption of digital remittances in the country, the Deputy Director in charge of the FIRS Taxpayer Service Department, Manasseh Otega, pointed out that there was a significant growth in the number of taxpayers as continues with its awareness campaign.

In addition, one of the main partners of the workshop, Interswitch, noted that the rise of technology-driven processes has led to the improvement of service delivery, and Interswitch, as a technology-driven company focused on Username.

Interswitch Group Head of Government Osasere Atohengbe said the company will continue to work with the collection agency to ensure taxpayers have access to easy tax filing and payment systems, while boosting government revenue and national development.

“Not only is it important to pay taxes to improve infrastructure development, but the tax payment system must also be addressed to ensure that its collection is sustainable, smooth, transparent and efficient.

“To do this, taxpayers must be informed, and we at Interswitch will continue our work with FIRS to provide the necessary infrastructure that promotes the adoption of digital tax payments among taxpayers,” Atohengbe added.




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