Internet user receives Coco as something harsh in “Monito Monita”


In “Monito Monita”, an Internet user receives the coconut as something hard.

MONITO MONITA – A netizen went to social networks where he shared that he received a coconut during his “Monito Monita”

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It is Christmas in the Philippines and giving gifts to our loved ones has long been a tradition. Filipinos have a unique version of gift exchange called “Monito Monita”. Like Secret Santa, it is usually performed in groups of friends, classmates, or co-workers.

A small gift should be given to little monkey or little monkey every day or every week according to the conditions established by the group. An agreed amount is usually set. Each week has a theme that must be followed, such as; something soft, sweet, elongated, edible, yellow, pink, orange, hard, round, sour and etc.

Your “wish list” can also be cited. But the donor’s identity must be kept secret until the “Day of Reveal” when the final gift is given.

Speaking of which, a netizen took to social media where he shared that he received a coconut fruit during his mini exchange gift.

“You know that the subject of the monitor is something difficult. Record naman yung nareceive ko,” she wrote.

The exchange gift in his office happens every week and last week, the subject is “something difficult” worth P50. As expected, the article she received drew mixed reactions from netizens.

One netizen commented, “Hahaha! Buti hindi NIYOG kundi magkakayod ka pa”. Another said it’s perfect for “buko salad.”

It was first posted by Jairo on the Homepaslupa Buddies 3.0 Facebook page.

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