Instagram model Deion Sanders tells young gamers about another “game.”


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12/03/2021 –

Nnot only the former Nfl superstar defender Deion Sanders a chart of crosses and minuses on the grid as head coach on Jackson State Universitybut he also uses his status to teach his players the life of a professional athlete and more.

On Thursday, Sanders posted a video of the Instagram model Brittany Renner I came over a few weeks ago and talked to Sanders’ team about another “game.”

Specifically, Sanders’ intent was to show his young players how often there are relationships between women and male athletes who succeed, and the “game” that takes root between them.

Renner, who has more 4.6 million Instagram followers (@bundleofbrittany) detailed how men reach out to her to make contact, stating that her DMs “are like a Nike store, they are nothing more than blue checks.”

This, of course, refers to the number of verified accounts of high-profile men who send messages to Renner, including rappers and professional athletes such as NFL playersthat many of the Sanders team aspire to.

The relationship between Instagram models and celebrities

Renner then said, “When you reach a certain status, you can choose from a litter … Your life is like Disney world… You don’t have to stand in line, you get a privilege, people just want to be near you. They don’t even see you as a human anymore. “

Renner further emphasized that for many of these models, Instagram, answering questions from athletes or dignitaries via DM, can serve as a two-way street if each party is aware that both parties will benefit from the relationship.

“Often, men and women, they just want something. Even if we both have our own things to do, it’s good that I’m with you, because you are increasing my reserves, just as you are increasing mine.

“You need to know what you are signing up for. You want to get into the NFL, but you know there is a lot to do with it … To understand who loves you for being you, I think this is the billion dollar question we all want to know, ”Renner said. …

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