Instagram Adds New Audio Features To Reels


It’s not yet clear if Instagram’s TikTok clone will be an important part of the app’s experience. But Instagram has no chance at all. Today, Instagram has released a series of Rolls updates to further adapt the tool to TikTok’s usage trends.

The latest reel updates revolve around sound and help users keep up with the music trends in the app.

Every teenager wishes to crack the code of Instagram. That’s correct! Instagram users wonder how to add music to instagram story because it has so many updated features throughout the year. Well! To begin with, Instagram has provided so much to its users. There are 15-30 second reels (similar to Tik Tok), stories, boomerang, face filters, tutorial help reels, and much more.

The new options added to Lille this week are:

Audio Recording-This allows users to record audio in the app for later use in drum clips.

Audio Page Sharing-Users can now share reel collections with specific audio tracks via DM

Audio Browser-Users can use it to view sounds, music and drum clips

As mentioned earlier, these new additions are in line with the increasing use of TikTok audio, such as in remixes. Like Vine, music has become an important component of TikTok clips, with many (if not most) clips that use popular songs and enable song-based content.

There is also an increasing tendency for users to connect to other users’ voices and audio clips. B. Sarah Cooper has recreated a quote from US President Donald Trump.

The Audio Recording option can be easily expanded, and the Audio Page Sharing option allows users to continue to spread the trend of popular content. This could bring even greater reach with the recently announced integration of Instagram Direct and Messenger. This means that users can directly share these trends using the links in both apps.

This is the second major roll update since Instagram announced a wide rollout in August. The first update allows for longer rolls (up to 30 seconds) and ads advanced editing options.

Reels to audio update pace shows that Instagram is trying to deploy its products quickly to catch up with TikTok, but TikTok is likely to remain unchanged in the U.S. The rapid expansion seems to have been lost, at least for now.

Instagram hoped that the White House’s proposed TikTok ban would be maintained for at least some time, allowing Lille to fill the gap, attract users and maintain it with advanced monetization tools. And reach the possibilities.

In fact, Instagram is working on monetizing Rolls. Earlier this week, we announced the Reelstomp3 integration that allows users to tag products in clips.


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