Insiders: All the secrets of Netflix reality show finalists

«Netflix and Insider». This is just one of the comments about this new work that can be read on social networks, and it has completely changed those who have seen it.This new reality show Content platform stream media It has become a phenomenon on small screens. The thin lines that distinguish fiction from reality, secrets, false evidence and the risk of 100,000 euros are part of its identity.But who is who Insider?

Attention, spoilers. If you continue reading to this point, it is because you have watched the first season in its entirety. Nicole Be a winner. From the beginning, she was one of the most watched participants. This young woman from Gran Canaria stands out because of her strong character and a lot of play.Your participation Insider His popularity on TikTok soared to 61,400 and 1.1. Canary is a transgender woman, and she entered the reality show to pay for the sex change surgery.

What we know about Nicole includes that she is single and 27 years old this year. She likes all animals, especially cats, and she also likes to sunbathe on the beach. In the competition, she was one of the people who learned that the contestants had participated in the competition earlier. Reality Unknowingly, so he must keep a secret.

Iván Molina is another finalist Insider. There is no doubt that he is one of the greatest artists. He is 28 years old, a native of Valencia, and a professional poker player. His volcanic character makes him very impulsive, which makes him occasionally rubbing with his companions, especially with Nicole. His comments offended him. His connection with Estefania, another Valencian, was purely explosive in the house where they lived together.

What can be most grasped Insider This is not the case. The boundary between fiction and reality is very weak. How far can a person go for money, and when do they think they are not recording?The reflection and morality it leaves behind NajivanimriThrough their narration, they made the audience a little uneasy: “The 12 contestants thought they had entered the final stage of the reality show, but they had already entered unknowingly. As you can imagine recording without them realizing it. 12 people is a considerable challenge, a technical challenge, because everything is full of cameras, although they have not seen and humans, but it has been completed». A milestone on TV, aiming to launch the second season soon, again With another infiltrating actress as a contestant.

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