Íñigo Onieva shields himself from the reasons that would have led him to complete the Camino de Santiago

Although it was only a few months ago when Íñigo Onieva set off alarm bells when his infidelity to Tamara Falcó came to light, now it could be said that the businessman has kicked off a new stage in his life, totally unrelated to the past. Proof of this is what happened a few days ago, when the ex of the Marquise de Griñón shared a series of images with which he demonstrated having carried out the Camino de Santiagoa most popular pilgrimage movement that the son of Carolina Molas has culminated with a snapshot in the cathedral.

Íñigo Onieva in Madrid / Gtres

But Íñigo’s publications have not stopped there, and a few minutes later, Alejandra Onieva’s brother uploaded a post with a video in which he compiled all the indelible memories that this emotional getaway has left on his retina. Without a doubt, a very good way to show that nothing remains of the Onieva of the past, characterized by partying and leading a rather restless life.

Be that as it may, the businessman has had to resume his routine after this trip, which is why Gtres cameras have captured him walking through the streets of Madrid. A moment in which the protagonist in question did not want to reveal any details about the reasons that led him to make this pilgrimage, possibly closely linked to an attempt to win back the heart of Isabel Preysler’s daughter.

Íñigo Onieva in Madrid / Gtres

But the truth is that he may not have as many chances of being part of the life of the Marquise de Griñón again. So much so, that just a few hours ago, Tamara became the undisputed protagonist of the Campofrío Christmas spot, baptized as The Heritage. A clip in which several well-known faces have had the opportunity to reflect on what they want to leave in the world for the next generations: “And those of us who want to leave the lack of faith? In the couple, do not get me wrong “, said the daughter of Carlos Falcó, referring to her recent lack of love with total naturalness and showing that she was not open to love, at least for now. A full-fledged declaration of intent, as well as a hint towards her ex-partner since they were at the best moment of their romance, and about to get married, when everything went up in smoke with some very controversial videos by the businessman. .

Íñigo Onieva in Madrid / Gtres

However, there are those who consider that perhaps this Camino de Santiago, carried out by Íñigo Onieva, could be a very good opportunity for reconciliation. This is the case of Mario Vargas Llosa, who as a partner of the mother of the collaborator of the anthill, took advantage of his reappearance at the Theater of the French Institute to make his opinion known, revealing that “he thinks so” it can become a way to win Tamara back. Even so, we will have to wait to see if, finally, Falcó is able to forgive her ex for the damage caused.