Íñigo Onieva: opens his album as a pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago


Inigo Onieva He has completely changed his lifestyle. From living at night linked to the intense leisure of Madrid, he has become a pilgrim. The businessman seeks to rediscover himself and what better way than embark on the Camino de Santiago. For this, he has prepared his rucksack, has thrown in all the gear he needs and has set to work.

Onieva wanted to show a little more activity on social networks than he had been accustomed to, to show his faithful his achievement: get to Santiago de Compostela and take pictures with the iconic cathedral behind their backs. His face represents the pride she feels for having managed to carry out this process.

In the same way, Íñigo Onieva has published another post on Instagram with some of the indelible memories that this emotional trip has left him. He has made it through un video in diary form of each one of the marathon days that he has lived. Road to Santiago It is the title that he has chosen and in it you can see snapshots from the first day in his house to the entire process -with distances included- that he has followed until reaching the end of the road. And this is the result.

Doing the Camino de Santiago is quite an emotional experience for pilgrims. And in the case of Tamara Falcó’s ex, it is more than necessary after all the commotion organized after his infidelity and subsequent breakup with Isabel Preysler’s daughter. The last weeks of him are being calmer and behind are those after the controversy, in which he tried by all means to recover the love and trust of who was his fiancée in an ephemeral way.

It is true that since he made the decision to move away from the media hurricane, little has been known about the whereabouts of Íñigo Onieva. Weeks ago he shared some stories of what appeared to be his new bachelor pad. In them you could see some corners of a house that had a large living room, a kitchenette, a marble fireplace, a corridor with halogen light, air conditioning and several windows to provide light.

In the antipodes of Tamara Falcó

Carolina Molas’s son is learning to live without Tamara Falcó, a situation that is surely not going to change. The socialite continues to make her life, devoted to her work, her professional projects and her most intimate circle. Just a few days ago, she delighted everyone by also opening her album, but this time for her followers to see how her vacation had been in the wonderful Maldives Islands.

Tamara Falcó in Maldives

Tamara was deceived by Íñigo Onieva and the days after finding out about the deception were not easy. However, she embraced faith and those whom she has realized that she has actually felt a deep liberation that can be seen on her face.


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