Infanta Sofia’s Reebok sneakers break sales records in El Corte Inglés


The The Infanta Sofía effect has arrived at El Corte Inglés, the influencer of the Spanish royal family has almost sold out the best-selling white Reebok sneakers this weekend. The appearance of Sofia in Asturias wear white sneakers that everyone can and want to have unleashed searches for this garment. She, unlike her sister, Princess Eleanor or her mother, Queen Letizia, does not wear shoes Hugo Boss at 250 euros, but chose a low-cost model.

Infanta Sofía makes Reebok sneakers for sale in El Corte Inglés a sales success

El Corte Inglés has received a wave of searches for its white sneakers Reebok, thanks to the look of the Infanta Sofía with a very specific model. The little girl in the royal house is a big lover of cheap clothes and accessories, with a more informal and very personal style, she is a true influencer.

Sofia has conquered the country with his sympathy, but it has also become a fashion benchmark. We have seen her wear the most romantic and flattering boho dresses, Zara garments that she has managed to sell out in a few minutes or beautiful Sfera dresses that are the most original. Infanta Sofía is not afraid to take risks, but she has also proven to be a great lover of comfort.

This teenager wears clothes that she likes and is the most comfortable for her Possible. She is still a girl, even though she is Bourbon’s tall, she is the tallest of the kings’ daughters and for several years she has worn clothes from the adult department. The energetic spirit that he has always shown at his public events is once again demonstrated in his sneakers.Infanta Sofia's Rebook sneakers break sales records in El Corte Inglés

Unlike her mother or sister, she does not wear the famous white Hugo Boss sneakers, one of the queen’s landmarks. Infanta Sofía has appeared with Reebok sneakers that we can all have and enjoy. A very simple type of shoe, made with materials of the highest possible quality now for sale at El Corte Inglés. For 79.95 euros we will have Infanta Sofía slippers that are almost for life.

These slippers They are made entirely of skinThey will adapt to every skin type, they are comfort and personal luxury at a low price, if we take into account that they are Reebok for sale in El Corte Inglés in the style of Infanta Sofía.

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