Infanta Elena was awarded for her equestrian career

Infanta Elena’s love for horses is undeniable. Whenever possible, King Felipe’s sister would use her free time to enjoy a pleasant ride on her horse. At today’s meeting of Madrid Equestrian Week in 2021, he was awarded for his enthusiasm.Hundreds of events were held at the IFEMA venue in the same weekend Lovers of the equestrian world With a series of exhibits.A date that the daughter of the honorary king can’t miss, who Recognized for her “career as an equestrian obstacle rider and her great contribution to the promotion of the sport and its image in our country”, Refers to horse riding.

Infanta Elena holding a bunch of flowers / Gtres

After the kind words of the event organizer, Victoria Federica He will walk to the center of the pavilion under the gaze of the people present. Doña Elena was obviously moved. She collected a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a commemorative silver tray and became the protagonist of the Longines World Cup Grand Prix. The eldest daughter of Queen Sofia presented a gift of great emotional value to the attendees, and the attendees stood up and applauded for her. The little princess put her hand on her chest to express her gratitude. For such a special occasion, Elena chose one Look Campero is based on a red polo shirt, beige pants and matching plaid jacket. Very good choice, perfectly combined with her casual curly hair.

Infanta Elena and Madrid Equestrian Week / Gtres organizer

Both the chairman of the celebration organizing committee and the other members of the Madrid Horse Week team expressed their sincere gratitude to the little princess for her arrival: “He deserves it. With this recognition, we want to thank Dona Elena for the public love and love for our beloved sport, which is very important to everyone.The dissemination of equestrian values ​​is crucial for the new generation, and there is no doubt that people like her are the best examples,” Daniel Entrecanales explained. As far as she is concerned, winning Not long ago, Elena de Borbón introduced the meaning of horses and equestrianism in her life to the actors of Madrid Equestrian Week: “This sport has always been and will continue to be one of the greatest passions in my life, because when I was very young, I was instilled with a love of jumping and a love of horses”. And many times, aunt’s Princess Eleanor Although he encountered some “bumps” in his career, for example, he fell and had to undergo surgery in 2017, but he still participated in this project.

Infanta Elena and her awards / Gtres

Although it’s sister Princess Christina It has always been the big winner of this Madrid Horse Week, and it is not a pioneer in winning this award. In previous years, outstanding figures in the equestrian field, such as Fernando de Albornoz “Pichi”, Álvaro Domecq Romero, Barcelona Polo Club, Carlos López Quesada or José Álvarez de las Asturias Bohórquez, have all won similar awards.

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