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This summer for Princess Elena. Felipe VI’s sister went to at the beginning of the season United Arab Emirates, Where she stayed with him for a few days King Juan Carlos On the first anniversary of his departure from Spain. A special visit to Felipe VI’s father, who did not expect to spend so much time abroad when he left the country. After you travel to Abu Dhabi, Donna Elena is already Bida beside Princess Christina With his family, this is Iñaki Urdangarin’s first vacation after receiving the new three-level prison system.

A few weeks ago, Doña Elena (Doña Elena) in her last official performance

This is not the only displacement of the Duchess Lugo. Although I did not see the image, it is known that the little princess is also in Palma de Mallorca, and Queen Sofia is still there to accompany Princess Irene and Flocha. It was the wife of King Juan Carlos who had dinner with them at a famous Japanese restaurant on the island a few days ago. Did not see the Duchess Lugo one night.

That is Donna Elena You have interrupted your rest day to participate in an important event.Well known The Duchess’ Commitment to Sports Since the Paralympics are currently being held, Donna Elena does not want to miss the opportunity to participate in the opening ceremony of the Paralympics. Spanish Paralympic HallA pavilion installed in the Palace of the Dukes of Pastrana, Madrid, is designed to allow everyone who cannot travel to Tokyo due to sanitary restrictions to understand what is happening in the Japanese capital. Felipe VI’s sister is, in addition, since the establishment of the Spanish Paralympic Games in 1995, she has served as the honorary chairman of the committee.

Princess Elena
File image of Infanta Elena and King / Gtres

How could it be otherwise. Wearing the Spanish team jersey, Mrs. Elena participated in the symbolic lighting of the cauldron installed in the pavilion. Antonio Rebollo placeholder image, The goalkeeper who lit the flames at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. Can’t forget the tears of Duchess Lugo At that ceremony, he saw today’s monarch as the standard bearer of the national team.

King Philip
King Felipe, the standard bearer of Barcelona in 1992 / Gtres

Infanta Elena plans to return to Mallorca in the next few days, as she will serve as the godmother of the luxury travel sailboat Haiyun Spirit on September 3. This is part of the private agenda of Felipe VI’s sister. Although the Duchess is no longer acting as an agent for the royal family, sometimes the monarch will turn to her for certain behaviors, for example, in El Pardo a few weeks ago when she presented prizes to a drawing competition.

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