Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin star in their son’s debut


On Saturday afternoon, Athens hosted one of the most anticipated royal weddings. Philippos and Nina Flohr from Greece They said “Yes, I want it” at the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin in Santa Maria in the Greek capital.Participant link Dona Sofia with Princess Elena, Who is very complicit. However, it is surprising that the little princess Christina did not come with her mother and sister, but now the reason why she is thousands of miles away is known. The sister of King Felipe VI fell from the guest list next to her son, Pablo UdangarinSince the 20-year-old played for Barcelona for the first time, he played against Bada Huesca on the eighth day of the Asobar League.

Pablo Urdangarin, another Barcelona player. /Gtres

In the stands, the parents of Don Juan Carlos’s grandson are very proud, and they pay attention to any movements of their son. In the 19th minute, Pablo Urdangarin came on to replace Blasz Janc. In addition, he also scored 3 of 39 goals to help Barcelona win.

After the game, my nephew King He approached where his parents and other companions were. In those few minutes, Pablo exchanged knowing glances with Inaki Udangarin and the little princess Christina, and showed admiration and admiration for the athletes who followed in his father’s footsteps.

Pablo Urdangarin is playing handball.  /Gtres
Pablo Urdangarin is playing handball. /Gtres

In addition, the little princess could not help taking out her mobile phone to take an important step for her son’s sports career, and did not hesitate to take a few photos of him with the equipment of his team. Pablo Urdangarín will have his birthday in December next year. He has been in Barcelona for about a month. Because of his hard work and work, Princess Leonor and Princess Sofia He has changed from the second team to the first team. In this way, he demonstrated the talent he inherited from Iñaki Urdangarin.

Pablo Urdangarin in a handball match in 2019.  /Gtres
Pablo Urdangarin in a handball match in 2019. /Gtres

Follow in the footsteps of father Iñaki Urdangarin

Pablo Urdangarin clearly showed his greatest passion: handball. Another Enaki Udangarin who is passionate about the sport came to the Spanish handball team and won two bronze medals at the Atlanta and Sydney Olympics.

Inaki Uldan Tallinn played two handballs on the day he retired.  / Gtres
Inaki Uldan Tallinn played two handballs on the day he retired. / Gtres

That’s not all, because Doña Sofía’s grandson wears the number 77 on his bib, which is of great significance to him and his father, the number 7 he wore when he was a professional handball player. . There is no doubt that this is a way of paying tribute to Infanta Cristina’s husband.

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