Indonesia frees Muslim terrorist who killed seven Americans


He only served 10 years in prison.

Indonesia, Obama’s adopted “homeland,” is an Islamic terrorist state. He’s “moderate” enough to put on a show. But like most “moderate” Islamic states, the show doesn’t go on for long.

After the 2002 Bali bombings carried out by al Qaeda-linked Islamic terrorists that killed more than 100 non-Muslims, including 88 Australians, 7 Americans, 23 British and many others, Indonesia put on a show to reassure the tourists.

The show is over.

On Wednesday, the man who made the bombs that killed Csabi’s friends and left him a double amputee was released from an Indonesian prison.

Indonesia says Umar Patek has been de-radicalised, but his conditional release has sparked anger, particularly in Australia, where 88 victims hailed from.

Some 202 people from 21 countries were killed in the explosions on October 12 of that year. It remains the deadliest terrorist attack in Indonesia.

Patek was accused of being a bomb maker for Jemaah Islamiah (JI), an al-Qaeda-inspired group, and spent nearly a decade on the run.

He was jailed for 20 years in 2012, serving just over half of his initial sentence.

20 years for mass murder on this scale is a joke.

Indonesia sentences drug traffickers to death by firing squad. He sentenced an Australian woman to 20 years in prison for drug trafficking.

But of course, the jihadist only served 10 years in prison.

Indonesian authorities say he no longer poses a threat and is eligible for release after a series of sentence reductions for good behavior.

This is arguably no different than what the Biden administration is doing with the al Qaeda terrorists at Guantanamo.

Jan Laczynski, an Australian who lost five friends in the bombings, said he was among those shocked and angry.

“This guy gets his life back again. Many of us will never get our lives back,” he told the BBC on Thursday.

“He is good looking. It’s terrible. It’s wrong.”

He described it as “another kick in the stomach” after the release last year of Abu Bakar Ba’asyir, the suspected mastermind behind the attacks, who had received a bounty unrelated to the attacks.

These are the 7 Americans killed in the Bali bombings.

jacob cardwell young

But frankly, this is a reminder that vacationing in countries where Islamic terrorism is a way of life and a holy act is a bad idea. Tourists keep coming back to Bali. They go to North Africa and Middle Eastern countries and are then shocked when they are killed, taken hostage, raped or locked up on trumped up charges.

The moral of the story here is don’t travel to Indonesia. It is an enemy state whose system is based in part on Sharia law.

No matter how many times you have gone or your friends have gone, you are not safe there. And visit Indonesia, Turkey, Jordan, etc. is to finance Islamic terrorism. It will end badly. For someone.

It helps that the Australian government is as powerless and worthless as ours.

Australia’s Minister for Energy and Climate Change Chris Bowen told the Sunrise breakfast show on Thursday that he was “appalled” by Umar’s release.

“This is a terrible man doing terrible things not only to Australians but also to Indonesians,” Bowen said, as quoted by

“We understand that the Indonesian legal system is different from ours and we have to respect that, but at the same time we have to make strong representations to the Indonesian government to ensure that all the necessary protections and control are in place.”

Go make some “strong representations” to the regime that just launched the mass murder of 88 of your people.

Indonesia maintained that Umar’s release was in accordance with the country’s legal system.

I’m sure it was. It just amazes me that the terrorist state didn’t provide him with 72 virgins.


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