India: Muslim who murdered his Hindu lover was a vocal supporter of leftist causes


The goal of the left and the jihadists is the same: the destruction of Western civilization and the societies of the world that do not conform to their authoritarian vision.

“Virtue Signage Before Hindu Festivals, Claiming to Be a ‘Women’s Rights Activist’ and LGBTQ Ally: Life and Times of Aftab Killer Amin Poonawalla”, OpIndia, Nov 15, 2022:

Aftab Amin Poonawalla, a 28-year-old food blogger from Mumbai, was arrested by the Delhi Police on Saturday (November 12) for the gruesome murder of his Hindu partner, Shraddha Walkar.

He had strangled the victim to death on May 18 of this year and then cut her body into 35 pieces. In a span of several days, he disposed of parts of his body in 18 different places in the National Capital.

The gory details and gravity of his heinous crime have shocked the entire country. His social media accounts have also been scrutinized, with netizens expressing their anger in the comment section of his posts.

Killer of Shraddha was a vocal ‘activist’ on social media

Aftab Amin Poonawalla had the persona of a social media activist. He was seen co-opting the liberal narrative of targeting Hindu festivals by bringing up one environmental issue or another.

In October 2015, he shared a post showing a boy holding a sign that read: “This Diwali busts your ego, not the cookies.” Her attempt to point out the virtue of the Hindu community did not stop with the festival of lights.

In March 2016, he was seen trying to trick Hindus into feeling guilty for “wasting water” on the occasion of Holi. Although ‘World Water Day’ falls on March 22, he deliberately shared a post about ‘water scarcity’ on March 24 (coinciding with that year’s Holi festivities).

However, Opindia did not find any social media post by Aftab, asking followers of other religions not to celebrate their festival differently. He had exclusively confined the virtue of it by pointing to Hindu festivals.

Ironically, Aftab Amin Poonawalla was also a ‘women’s rights activist’. In 2014, she shared a post from ‘The Logical Indian’ which read: “Women are not born with labels.”

According to Shraddha’s father, the defendant physically assaulted his daughter on multiple occasions. The victim had informed her parents about the abuse perpetrated by Aftab.

The accused murderer left no opportunity to pose as a ‘humanist’ on social media. “The smallest coffins are the heaviest,” read a post shared by Aftab after the 2014 Peshawar school massacre….

Her activism did not stop and only intensified over time. He had also championed the cause of Aarey Forest and had been an advocate of net neutrality.

Aftab Amin Poonawalla targeted BJP with dubious social media post

The accused murderer also hinted that the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had been at the forefront of creating communal tensions in society.

In October 2015, he shared a post claiming that a suspected BJP worker (wearing a burqa) tried to throw beef inside a temple and create a divide between Hindus and Muslims.

While reporting on the matter, indian news found that the original tweet, which was the basis of the contentious claim, was deleted.

Even the likes of Alt News were unable to find any conclusive reports on such an incident. “Alt News was unable to find a single conclusive news report of the incident. The statement that had circulated at the time, that the person is a member of RSS, could not be verified,” he had declared….

Conflicting Claims About Murder Defendant’s Religion Resolved

After news of the barbaric crime went viral on social media, the usual suspects began to dispute Aftab Amin Poonawalla’s religious affiliation. They claimed that the defendant is a Parsi by faith and his heinous act is being used to “malign” the Muslim community.

Opindia debunked the misinformation and pointed out how Aftab had professed his Faith on Instagram. “I am a Muslim and the other term you are is Hindu. Lord Krishna is the God of the Hindus. May I ask why some curiosity about my religion? she told another user.

The defendant’s religious affiliation is also clear from the complaint, filed by the victim’s father with the police and attached to the First Information Report (FIR) of the case.

“My daughter had told my wife in 2019 that she wants to stay in a cohabitation relationship with Aftab Amin Poonawalla. My wife and I had said ‘No’. This is because we are Hindus and we belong to the Koli caste. And the child is a Muslim,” the complaint said.

He further added: “In our place, we do not engage in inter-caste and inter-religious relations.” Thus, it is clear that Aftab Amin Poonwalla is a Muslim by faith and not a Parsi as claimed by various users on social media….


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