India: As Muslims dominate educational institutions, Hindu students are under attack


On Saturday, November 12, 2022, a disturbing video of a Hindu student being attacked and traumatized by Muslim upperclassmen in India went viral on all social media platforms. The video was from the ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education (IFHE) in Hyderabad, India; the Hindu student was identified as Himank Bansal. He was surrounded by Muslim students who had held him captive in a hostel room and saw him beating him and forcing him to sing the Islamic slogan “Allahu akbar”. These Muslims were heard saying, “we will fix his ideology…we will beat him into a coma,” and they were also asked about the whereabouts of his family. It can be concluded that these students were not content with assaulting the Hindu boy, but had the intention of extending the violence to his family.

Following the assault, Bansal reported to the police, detailing the circumstances that led to the assault, and the case is under investigation. According to the police report, Himank was hit in the kidney, liver and testicles. However, anyone who is aware of the political dynamics in Hyderabad knows that there will hardly be any action against the perpetrators, much less exemplary punishment.

Muslim journalist Abdul Basheer of India Today reported on this incident with the headline, “Hyderabad student beaten by fellow hostel for insulting the Prophet Muhammad.” He masterfully concealed the fact that a lonely Hindu boy was terrorized by a gang of Muslims, and tried to give the incident a false narrative that furthered the Muslim agenda. With this style of reporting, the “journalist” further reinforced the proposition that a Muslim will be a Muslim first and a doctor, lawyer, actor or, as in this case, a journalist only second. The Hyderabad incident and its media treatment prove once again that no amount of education can rid some Muslims of their will to wage jihad.

This is not the first time Muslims have attacked a Hindu student. In 2020, a Muslim student studying at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) threatened a Hindu student, a girl, that he would force her to we could a brass hijab after closure. The threat was made through Instagram. As soon as screenshots of this went viral, Islamic propaganda sites were quick to defend the offender, claiming that he intended to write “peet k”, which translates to “beating you”, and not “peetal k”. “, which means “bronze” in Hindi, as if it’s acceptable to beat a Hindu student until she wears the Islamic headdress in that secular country.

During the lockdown, the Muslim university was exposed as the hotbed of jihad preaching and activity. Muslims and Hinduophobes in AMU were brazenly threatening killing Hindu students and posting bullying messages on social media. An Indian doctoral student named Nikhil filed a complaint with the civil police station against a fellow student for sending death threats against him and his family. The victim also pleaded with the university administration to take action against the perpetrators.

Dr. Nishit Sharma, an AMU alumnus, revealed that “Hindu students have also been targeted at AMU in the past. Previously, they were ragged and tortured; now Hinduophobes have gone a step further to threaten Hindu students with death. All of this is being done to the best of the top brass who, along with the Islamists in the AMU, had spread the violence in Aligarh on behalf of CAA and NRC. The threads of these people are connected to Delhi.”

A Hindu woman who worked as an adjunct professor at AMU was reportedly also attacked by Muslims on campus, but due to repeated threats and intimidation, she decided to close her social media accounts. Such incidents demonstrate how Islamic jihadists have poisoned the academic environment.

Highly sensitive to any comments deemed against their prophet, these Muslims put up posters containing profanity against Hindu religious symbols and depicting Hindu goddesses draped in hijab. While they remain as students for years in government-funded institutions and survive on tax money, these Muslims carry out all kinds of jihad activities under the guise of activism. These Muslim “students” chanted slogans in Urdu that translated to “a Hindutva grave will be dug on the AMU campus” and “freedom of the Hindus/Kaffirs” in chorus during the protests against the CAA. Accused of communal violence that led to the brutal killings of Hindus during the 2020 Delhi riots, many of these Muslims have been jailed.

Sharjeel Imam, a Ph.D. engineering graduate from Jawaharlal Nehru University, was booked under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act for making inflammatory speeches against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) endorsed by the Parliament of India. In a fiery three-minute speech, Imam urged his audience to cut off the Siliguri corridor, known as “chicken neck”, from the rest of India. In addition to Imam, JNU student Umar Khalid and Jamia student Milia Islamia Safoora Zargar were also booked for allegedly provocative speeches that triggered mass violence.

Muslims focusing on anti-government and anti-Hindu activities have taken over educational institutions in India. Muslims posing as “students” have exerted their “influence” and caused turmoil throughout the country and have become a threat to peace, public life and property in India.


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