Inda: “Simeone is ready to leave if it’s an obstacle”


Edward Inda did not miss his weekly visit with Jugones Chiringuitos, program in which he has his usual section of exclusives. The director of OKDIARIOfrom his personalized chair, revealed that the Cholo Simeone He has already discussed with his entourage a possible march from Madrid athlete in case you see that in the club they come to think that it is a hindrance.

“A Simeon he has until 2024 and he is decent and honorable, he dresses by his feet. He’s ready to leave at the end of the season if he can’t right the ship. The information I have is that I will not continue as coach of the rojiblanco bench”, he revealed. Edward Inda in the program produced and presented by pedrerol.

“Simeone comments to his most intimate surroundings that if he is an obstacle, he leaves. I think he has moral decency if he sees that he can’t with the team, that he can’t play worse… Transfers can’t happen because there’s no of money, they are in a very delicate financial situation,” he added. the director of OKDIARIO.

the future of Cholo Simeone remains uncertain. The Argentine coach has a contract until 2024 with him Madrid athlete and the results are not very good. The already confirmed European mogul is joined by the fact that they are not fully involved in the fight with the barca Yes real Madrid for the Santander Leaguewhich means that they practically have in play the Copa del Rey.

To these sporting problems are added those that exist in the locker room. It seems to have some footballers who no longer believe in the idea of Sholo And there are others disgusted as joao felix. Additionally, some fan reviews have placed Simeon in a situation he had never experienced since his arrival in Madrid athlete a decade ago.

In the directive of Madrid athlete have already begun to imagine a future without Cholo Simeone and that’s why they already had contact with Luis Enrique to find out if he will renew with the Spanish team or leave. Still, it looks like it will be the Argentine coach who decides his future, which is clear that if at any point he feels he is an obstacle for the club, he will leave before being sacked from his post.


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