Incredible comparison of Casillas: Benzema is Spider-Man, he is your grandmother, he is God!


Iker Casillas like so many of us Wednesday night as ex real Madrid the goalkeeper sat at home and was amazed Karim BenzemaLast outstanding performance in the Champions League.

The former club captain enjoyed the 34-year-old’s performance the most and paid a humorous tribute to his former teammate.

“K9 – Spiderman”. boxesthe tweet started. “K9 is Wolverine. K9 is that janitor in the building. K9 is your best friend. K9 is your grandmother. K9 is the President of the United States. K9 is the guide with whom you skydive. The God!”

boxes‘ the tweet came to an end, probably because there was no one to compare it to Benzema to The Frenchman continues to amaze the football world.


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