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After allowing the Venezuelan opposition to participate in regional elections as a coalition, the country adopted a new stance to ease tensions in the South American country. Gathered at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City, under the mediation of Norway and the auspices of the Mexican government, the Venezuelan government and the “Unification and Unity Party”-in the name of the opposition-started a meeting in Mexico City on the evening of Friday, August 13. The new negotiations hope to organize presidential elections and lift the sanctions that have put pressure on their country.

one “Memorandum of Understanding” Agence France-Presse (AFP) pointed out that Jorge Rodríguez, on behalf of President Nicolas Maduro’s government, and Geraldo Bled signed the “Plataforma Unitaria” (Plataforma Unitaria). The content of this memo has not yet been communicated.

Following the failed talks in Barbados in 2019 and the Dominican Republic in 2018, the goal of these talks is to end the severe political and economic crisis that plagued Venezuela.

The parties will continue the discussion in Mexico on August 30, discussing the seven-point agenda, but the seven-point agenda, but without considering the deviation of the power of the socialist chairman Nicolas Maduro, the opposition was fraudulently selected by the opposition in 2018 Blame year.

Reduce sanctions on crosshairs

On Thursday, Maduro warned that he would not succumb to “Blackmail or Threats” U.S. requirements “Sincere Discussion” Solve the problem of old oil and electricity.

Washington recognizes Juan Guaido, who declared himself president when he led Parliament in 2019 and is now in the hands of the Chavezists. In order to stifle Maduro, former Republican President Donald Trump imposed a series of sanctions on Venezuela-including an oil embargo-and his Democratic successor Joe Biden proposed that if negotiations make new election progress, sanctions would be relaxed.

“The Maduro regime can open a way to reduce sanctions by allowing Venezuelans to participate in free elections.”The spokesperson of the State Council told AFP before the dialogue.

Canada and the European Union have also stated that they are prepared to review their penalties.

But Maduro insisted “Venezuela travels to Mexico autonomously and independently for dialogue (…) and will not succumb to blackmail or threats from the US government”.

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