In the picture: Sarah Loinaz, Election of Miss Universe Spain 2021

Tension, excitement and fun.This is the experience at the party Miss Spain 2021 Held this Saturday. After months of hard work, the great moment for participants has arrived.This time the famous beauty pageant In Tenerife How far did the thirteen candidates who made it into the final.Finally, the Basque model Sarah Loinaz (Sarah Loinaz), she won first place at the age of 23, and her Height 1.75cmIn this way, she became Miss Universe Spain 2021, which made her the Spanish representative of Miss Universe 2021 to be held in Eilat, Israel in December next year. In second place are the cousins ​​of the Duchess of Huesca, Teresa Calleja Palazuelo (Teresa Calleja Palazuelo) and the second lady Carmen Serrano (Carmen Serrano).

Sarah Loinaz becomes Miss Universe Spain 2021. /Gtres

The stage is set at Los Lagos de Farábé-Los Olivos Beach Resort. The party started choreography with thirteen finalists in golden costumes. On the other hand, the 2017 Miss Universe Spain Sofía del Prado (Sofía del Prado) acted as the emcee, and became the head of the swimsuit and evening dress parade and the first round of the knockout round. At that time, as fewer and fewer people knew the name of the winner, nervousness began to become apparent.

Sarah Loinaz was crowned as Miss Universe Spain 2021. /Gtres

Before saying the name of the winner, Sarah and Teresa are waiting for the result, looking at each other and holding hands. This is an example of sportsmanship. Those few seconds seemed to be a few minutes to the opponent, ending with Sarah Loynaz’s name. So, at that moment, Loinaz put her hand on her face, visibly moving, because she was living one of the most important days of her life. Later, the time for the coronation arrived, and Andrea Martínez handed the baton to him one year after receiving the title. Now, the new phase of the new Miss Spain 2021 has begun, because in less than two months she will have to represent Spain in the Miss Universe 2021.

Sarah Loinaz’s parade before becoming Miss Universe Spain in 2021. /Gtres

Sarah Loinaz never thought her dream would come true. However, the evening of October 16 will be a day you will never forget. I do not believe. Today everything is meaningful, and I will do it a thousand times. Many doors closed to me, I fell hundreds of times and questioned everything, but I decided to stand up and fight regardless of the difficulties encountered along the way. Every fall is a lesson,” he said of his time in the game. In addition, she recalled that she stayed up late to study “constantly looking for motivation in her dreams, carrying a suitcase to live, preparing to leave home, not knowing when return. “

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