In the middle of this pile of toys, it is difficult for everyone to find a real cat! (Video)-Network-Zimo News

Larry is hiding so well, can you find him among soft toys and other cushions?

Like various hiding places and dark places to sleep, cats sometimes show a lot of imagination and sometimes even make themselves invisible. Or almost.

Cat hidden in toys

Larry is a cat who likes his little coziness and likes all cats to sleep for a long time.

Recently, the humans of Larry discovered that he had found a particularly effective and comfortable hiding place that would allow him to take a nap every day. So much so that she made a video and later shared it on Tik Tok.

Because it turns out that Larry is really hard to find among stuffed toys and other cushions!

We let you find it through the following video:

Did you succeed? good game! If not, please take a closer look at the big teddy bear holding two hearts. Larry was very close to him.

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