‘In the face of fear, we are hope’: Letta ends campaign over Sanchez charges against Meloni


Polls so far predict that Italy’s conservative bloc will win Sunday’s election, with Giorgia Meloni becoming the country’s most right-wing prime minister since World War II. But if participation in rallies is also a predictor of the outcome, it could be that the left and right end up tied or won by a narrow margin. It will depend on abstentions.

Former Prime Minister Enrico Letta’s Democratic Party, a Social Democrat, managed to attract Rome’s Piazza del Popolo, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza del Popolo, Rome, at the end of the campaign on Friday night. have at least as many followers In the same place as the day before, the joint meeting of Meloni with the Italian brothersSilvio Berlusconi and Forza Italia and Matteo Salvini and La Liga.

In both cases, as a reflection of the general distancing from politics, attendees didn’t even make it to half the square: 65,000 nervous people, Less than 10,000 people gathered, like the day before the right-wing coalition. But Letta achieved the goal she set for her family ten days ago to show visually A message from the left or center-left that could match or exceed Melloni’s appeal and their allies.

Numerically speaking, for the attendees of the PD meeting, we must add two or three thousand people who go to another smaller square, the Holy Apostle Square, which is 20 minutes away, to listen eagerly Closing Ceremony of the Five Star Movement A speech by the reborn Giuseppe Conte. He has been prime minister until February 2021, when parties on the left and right agreed to support a bailout government chaired by a former European Central Bank president amid the pandemic crisis. Mario DraghiThe fall due to a lack of support at the start of the summer sparked a new crisis and electoral progress on Sunday, September 25.

If elections are determined by counting the number of people attending a rally, Sum of five stars for Letta’s PD and Conte’s (Two former rulers, in the presence of a Meroni, she showed her established power) would allow the centre-left to impose itself on the centre-right bloc that has turned to the extreme right.It’s just a visual note, but it reflects Possibility of power change in the last segment until Sunday.

in a hurry

The police stormed People’s Square with the full artillery of the highest-ranking politicians, adding more than two dozen fast speakers before Leta.They clearly want to show Italy and Europe what they are doing with this display last dam In the face of their horrific far-right victory. They began to say that our experience is a guarantee against the possible nationalist and populist tendencies of Melloni that would complicate relations with Brussels.

Acting Minister of Health marches in the gallery (the day before accusing Meloni of “winking against the anti-vaccine”), Ministry of Defence, Culture and Labour; Lazio (capital in Rome), Tuscany (Florence), Campania (Naples) Or the regional president of Emilia Romagna (Bologna), the territory from north to south; the mayor of Rome; the vice-president of the European Parliament; various high-ranking party officials. They are men and women, veterans and young people, like the vice president of Emilia Romagna, Elly Schlein, 37, is seen as the party’s future leader.

She precedes Secretary Leta. “We want to use our hope to free people from fear”; “The right never talks about redistribution of wealth because that’s fine,” said a lauded Schlein, recalling that the PD wanted to establish a minimum wage. “On the right, he talks about ‘safety’, but he never talks about safety at work”.


The public, waving flags prepared in advance by the group, performed as much as its opponents the day before, reflecting the diversity of Italy today, Migrant groups from Africa or Bangladesh with Italian flags They denied Melloni and Salvini’s insistence against the “no thanks” message of welcoming foreigners. There are also some sexual rainbow flags.

The speaker repeated a message several times: “In the face of fear, we are hope” Melloni’s right-wing coalition “regressed”; “They represent the Italy of the past, we represent the Italy of the future”Leta announced.

A related moment of the behavior is when a band plays and many people sing party song beautiful goodbye, clearly alluding to the neo-fascist origins of the Italian Brotherhood, which Meloni has moderated to occupy most of the space of the traditional right.Another bright spot Screen image of the President of SpainPedro Sanchez (socialist party international leadership candidate) in a suit and tie at his office in Moncloa in a recorded video showing his support for Letta as the only right-wing “progressive” choice,” he did not mention explicitly.


All speakers insisted grand scene In the “historical” importance of this Sunday’s meeting, they said Italy was at risk of a setback in social rights, which in their view would affect workers, women and people born abroad.

Letta, 56, put the finishing touches on Democrats’ collective mobilization in final speech, calling for voter mobilization wrap-up The plight of a country of 61 million inhabitantswhich is also Europe’s predicament, in the words of its campaign slogan: “pick”. Meloni’s rights are “past” and “fear”, PD is “future” and “hope”. The “rights deny the climate”, question the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and want to unilaterally amend the constitution resulting from the “anti-fascist” struggle, while the left defends ecological transformation, public health, and constitutional order. Binary and Simplified Arguments Dead or Alive Let the people vote and overcome apathy.

“Our party is the best political class in the country and the party that solves problems for our citizens every day,” he said. Eliminate dissatisfaction with politicians and Meloni’s attack. Facing the nationalism of his Italian brothers and their rejection of immigration, Letta said goodbye with rivets: “Long live Europe! We are hope, we will not build walls on our borders. Long live Europe! Long live a democratic and progressive Italy! ‘ he shouted, calling for Sunday to vote and win.

Giuseppe Conte with followers of the Five Star Movement in Rome this Friday.

Yara Nadi


Conte wants to negotiate with Russia

An hour later, former prime minister Giuseppe Conte, the leader of the Five Star Movement, with whom the PD needed to govern, wrapped up his campaign in Rome’s Piazza Sant’Apostle.Conte showed his great skills as a communicator and easily moving figures, avoiding the hard rights and alleged dangers of focusing on Melloni He is committed to defending his stewardship in the government since the 2018 election and defended last year’s break with Draghi’s government.

Conte insisted that his party had achieved “80% of its electoral plan” under his tenure as prime minister, something he said no other party had ever achieved.Dressed in a suit, no tie, and sneakers, the professor connects with the youthful and modern ideas of five-star hotel sales, defending that they are “The real reformist force in this country”who has taken the most action against tax fraud, the shadow economy and corruption, while he stands out for the government’s social measures, such as “stopping layoffs” during the pandemic. “Only Spain is following us,” he said of ERTES PSOE and Podemos government.

Conte drew rapturous applause from his people and chanted “peace, peace, peace!” When he said he would govern with him, he would not “passively” follow the US and Germany, but would seek to align with Putin negotiation because “An utopian military victory over Russia” will involve the use of nuclear bombs.

He said his goodbye in an aggressive manner, calling on his followers to mobilize this Saturday and Sunday for their acquaintances don’t hold back“Each of you, convince all three. It’s not impossible.”



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