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After being closed for 24 hours due to the volcanic ash released by the Cambre Vieja volcano, the airport on La Palma in the Canary Islands reopened on Sunday (September 26), the Spanish Airport Management Company (AENA) announced).

Through work “Clean Up” Led at night, “La Palma Airport is operational again”, AENA said on its Twitter account. Therefore, the flight can be resumed, “Prior consent” She added that the air traffic control authority. Nevertheless, the manager of the Spanish airport recommends that passengers consult their airline to find out the status of their flight before going there.

La Palma Airport was closed on Saturday due to dust accumulation on the runway. The move caused a long queue in the port of Santa Cruz de la Palma, where travelers tried to take a ferry to neighboring islands, including Tenerife.

Increased volcanic activity

The closure of La Palma Airport coincided with the emergence of a new lava focal point, the collapse of the cone and the full intensification of volcanic activity that erupted last Sunday. This situation led to the evacuation of another area on the island on Saturday, bringing the number of residents who had to leave their homes for a week to more than 6,200.

According to the latest data from Copernicus, the European geospatial measurement system, lava has so far destroyed 461 buildings — 41 more buildings within 24 hours — and covered 212 hectares, of which the main economic activity is banana planting. The first two volcanic eruptions in La Palma occurred in 1971 and 1949, resulting in a total of three deaths, two of whom died of gas inhalation.

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