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An AFP reporter noted that about 50 breeders and producers went to a major retailer in Rennes on Friday to demand “a reassessment of prices” and “to take into account the rising cost of production”.

The Federation of Farmers’ Union Sectors (FDSEA) of Ille-et-Vilaine and Young Farmers (JA) called for mobilization as “all sectors are experiencing increased production costs”.

The parade marches in the direction of the Intermarché sign in the Rennes shopping center. FDSEA spokesman Cedric Henry said the logo was “one of the bad students behind Carrefour and Leclerc”.

Producers and breeders conducted price checks, especially for milk and pork products.

JA spokesman Florian Denais emphasized: “We ensure that the EGalim 2 law is applied and raise awareness of the origin of our products.”

According to the law published in the Official Gazette on October 19, 2021, the EGalim 2 law aims to “protect the remuneration of farmers”.

A member of the agricultural union FNSEA checks the prices charged by a supermarket chain in Rennes on February 4, 2022 (AFP – Damien MEYER)

The manufacturer questioned Julien Niel, the head of the hypermarket, about the lack of provenance data for some products on the shelves.

Mr Neal explained that “he will commit to sending information to the national level” but “he is not in the negotiation scope”.

The farmers then headed to the parish before ending their “gathering” with a meeting with Emmanuel Berthier, the prefect of the Brittany region.

Earlier this week, the government announced a €270 million pork industry “emergency plan” to support the cash flow of pig farmers.



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