In memory of Sean Connery, the man who ruled

A popular anecdote says that on the day of the audition they are chosen first. James Bond stories, the one who had to face Dr. No, Sean Connery he came in badly dressed and passed a mediocre test. None of those present seemed to appreciate anything special about him, not even Terence Young, despite the fact that five years ago he sent him to Terror border But that all changed when the wife of film producer Albert R. Broccoli noticed him walking as she walked to her car. That day, Connery learned the first of two of the most important lessons Agent 007 could teach him: No door closes completely as long as charisma lasts. The second, in turn, was to come to him years later, when he discovers how difficult it will be to escape from the character he created with the same power of seduction.

It is now easy to see the irony that the woman was the only one who noticed the attractiveness of the big Scottish man, who ultimately laid the foundations that those who claim the role of James Bond still aspire to. But in defense of the rest of those present, it must be said that the refusal Cary Grant To play the character of Ian Fleming, he continued to swim in the environment. In truth, Connery didn’t look like him, but he had other things. He was like one of the heroes of the novel, a crook from a humble family and self-confident enough to get out of any situation with the power of mischief. Over time, the rest of the industry will have to admit that while not being a sophisticated heartthrob, it still had a special class that took up the entire screen. And it was the best thing in the world.

All this was due to his lifestyle. Those traits of character that cannot be imitated and that separate those who have them from those who do not. It is also said, for example, that during the filming of a film Mists of anxiety As he struggled to adjust to a seductive role he still didn’t know how to play on camera, he disarmed and knocked out Lana Turner’s jealous lover, mobster John Stompanato, former bodyguard of drug lord Mickey Cohen, in the middle of the set. Connery was still a long way from a Hollywood star, but he had already shown the qualities for a role that would allow him to achieve the “financial independence” that he enjoyed so much when he needed projects to avoid typecasting. Then followed what everyone knows: fixing the name and getting it into the chosen group of actors for whom people go to the movies, regardless of which movie the poster announces.

V Death of Connery October 31 last year produced a silent horror. He stopped working at the turn of the century because he was tired of “dealing with assholes,” but his absence was less palpable than his legacy. Even today, it is still strange to imagine that he is gone. A comeback is expected soon in the style of the eternal stars. But even if this is not possible, there are still his films. So much so that the day after his death, a project was launched that just went to bookstores. On Sean Connery. The man who never spoke again Some of the country’s leading film critics gathered at the podium that has become a history book. David Felipe Arranz, Fernando Alonso Barahona, Juan Carlos Laviana, Lucia M. Cabanelas or Javier Zurro are some of them. Together they created several pages that show the author’s life and his film career, showing a man who could rule and who ruled. Or at least for many moviegoers.

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