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“I want to say that the relationship between Greece and Germany is quite exciting”On Friday, October 29, during her last visit to Athens, Angela Merkel was accepted as prime minister.Half a word, she expressed regret and said that she had “Aware of the restrictions and challenges faced by the Greeks” During the austerity policy period from 2009 to 2018, the aim was to consolidate the stability of the euro. But she also pointed out that if Greece carried out key reforms during the boom and claimed to have done everything to keep the country in the euro zone, the adjustment would not be so cruel. In September, at a conference in Germany, Angela Merkel admitted more clearly, “The toughest moment” Her mission is to get “Too many demands on Greece”.

For the rest of the day Edit magazine (Synchronize), the principal said “Sympathizes with the consequences of Greece’s austerity policy under German pressure, but says nothing.”. A few months ago, the same newspaper said “Merkel failed in’European Affairs'”, Through the implementation of excessive policies that led to the division of the North and the South of the European Union (EU).

Since 2005, the German Chancellor was not really well-known in Greece until after the debt crisis, four years later, when the newly elected local socialist prime minister George Papandro Orson Papandre reached a budget deficit three times as high According to official estimates. Greek debt subsequently reached 127% of GDP.

“One of the most hated women in the country”

The international market reacted immediately, and the rating agency downgraded Greece’s debt rating to the speculative category. Then, in 2010, the then German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, with the support of Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel), asked Athens to drastically cut its budget and raise taxes in exchange for Three international relief programs of more than 300 euros. Billions of euros. Then privatization was initiated in order to replenish the national treasury, pensions fell, the unemployment rate surged, the shortage of medicines and staff affected hospitals, and the minimum wage fell to a little over 500 euros…

Angela Merkel quickly became “Iron Lady”, “One of the most hated women” This country reviewed on Thursday, German tabloid pictureIn 2012, at the height of the crisis, the Prime Minister of Greece held a large anti-austerity rally with swastikas and her cartoon with Hitler’s moustache.At the same time, the German media portrayed the Greeks as lazy ” A sort of” Magazine Focus, Venus of Milos gave Greece a middle finger.

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