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chronic. This is the diligent attack, the globalized version. In mid-January, Americans discovered that modern-day bandits were attacking railroad transport. These photos from the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles have gone around the country. We saw thousands of visceral cardboard boxes, packaging, earthquake debris covering the tracks. These are the remains left by train robbers. TV cameras even showed Covid test bags scattered between packages marked with Amazon or FedEx logos.

Wild West outlaws, like Butch Cassidy and his Sundance Kid, attacked the convoy across the Great Plains. Modern looting is centered in Los Angeles, a strategic hub for transshipment of Asian-made consumer goods to the U.S. market. The containers are unloaded at terminals in Long Beach and Los Angeles — ports of entry for 40 percent of U.S. seaborne imports — and distributed in Union Pacific wagons. Then things go wrong.

The pandemic created bottlenecks: too much traffic, not enough containers or terminals…trains were forced to stop and wait for the road to clear. Thieves stabbed them at the corner of a narrow rail corridor beneath Lincoln Heights Road, just 7 kilometers from downtown Los Angeles.

exploiting the homeless

As an ambush, all you need is a small drill to open unsealed containers. After a quarter of an hour, the sorting was completed. Electronics, designer clothing, jewelry, tires were loaded into vehicles and parked nearby. Anything that didn’t sell—family photos, even urns—was left behind. More than electronics: more than 80 rifles were reported missing.

According to Union Pacific, 90 containers are hit every day “Invasion” in the last three months of 2021. The number of robberies has increased by 160% since December 2020. The railroad has been implicated in gangs allegedly exploiting the homeless, many of them along the tracks. According to her, looters took turns entering tents that were supposed to be occupied by homeless people.

Americans are unstable. The supermarket shelves are empty, and now the goods stolen from the ship…

Union Pacific and local authorities transfer responsibility. The company responsible for route safety employs only a few dozen security guards for the California route. Police said they were overwhelmed; the judiciary responded that it was often difficult to prove theft, with arrestees claiming to have found the items on the street. Assemblyman Jobs Cano accused Union Pacific of neglecting the maintenance and safety of the driveway, which, coincidentally, “Prioritize through minority communities” – Including Watts, the scene of the 1965 race riots – when she “Distribute 6.3 billion to shareholders in 2020.

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