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Hundreds of them rushed from the surrounding subway and bus stations, and a group of screaming crowds cheered and cheered like huge springs. In the rare images that made them immortal at this legendary concert, we saw them, denim jackets, leather jackets, awkwardly tied headscarves, excited and distorted faces.

There is also a wine bottle displayed as a trophy. Adults face the camera, mocking the policemen trying to guide the flow of people.Who can imagine there are so many furry people in Moscow ? Metal workers are called metal workers in Russia. In the Soviet Union (Soviet Union), where they have not finished their last sentence, they are more used to razing the walls of their dormitory towns.

Starting on the morning of September 28, 1991, crowds flocked to the huge Tusino Airport on the outskirts of Moscow. Among them, the most enthusiastic or those who have nowhere to get out of the car sleep there, on the grass, on the track. They come from all over the Soviet Union, young adults or rebellious teenagers, sometimes childish faces, music lovers or just curious, are all attracted by the breath of extraordinary events. In the cold morning, the brazier was still smoking. The bottle rotates to warm the body and soul. We relax on the grass-the organizer considered the essential sound and stage, not the attachment, the toilet.

On September 28, 1991, at Tusino Airport, the public was mainly composed of young rock fans.

What will they end up being ? Six hundred thousand ? one million ? 1.6 million, some members of the California Metal Band would say, evoke the best concert of their life. Thirty years after the incident, no consensus has been reached yet. One thing is certain: the Soviet Union has never seen someone so wild in the background of hard rock and metal.

The audience doesn’t know yet, but they are experiencing a historical moment. Of course, there is a figure in the world who has never reached this country, and it stimulates the world record. There are artists whose names are landing on the communist planet that people can never imagine: Pantera, The Black Crowes, Metallica, AC/DC… A few years ago, rock was simply banned; now, its most angry representatives have been idolized Welcome.

A historic turning point

But the most important thing is that there is a background, that is, the terrible accumulation of history formed in 1991, that is, the disintegration of the Soviet Union. A month ago, the most radical members of the Communist Party and the KGB tried to prevent this collapse. They were afraid of the disintegration of the Republic and the weakness of those who they believed would be the last president of the alliance. : Mikhail Gorbachev. On August 18, they tried to launch a coup: the elite division was taken to Moscow, and Gorbachev was then on vacation in Crimea and was declared unfit due to illness.After announcing the news, the TV was content with broadcasting Swan Lake.

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