Impressive satellite images of the Queen’s funeral procession

B.Riten said goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II with pomp and pomp.

Satellite images show that crowds of people have gathered in the streets of London and at Windsor Castle to honor the memory of the monarch, whose 70-year reign defined an entire era.

The first state funeral since Winston Churchill brought together world leaders and other members of the royal family.

Sailors from the Royal Navy hauled an artillery carriage with her flag-draped coffin into Westminster Abbey.

There were plenty of attributes of the state and the monarchy: the coffin was draped with the Royal standard, and on it stood the Imperial state crown, sparkling with almost 3,000 diamonds, as well as the orb and scepter of the sovereign.

More people lined the route that ran from the capital to Windsor Castle, and many threw flowers at the motorcade as it passed.

Millions more watched the funeral live, and crowds flocked to parks and public spaces across the UK to watch it on screen.

Maxar Technology has collected new satellite imagery of London (collection time – 12:09 Moscow time, and also 12:13, September 19), which depicts the funeral procession of Queen Elizabeth II.

Images show the procession shortly after leaving Westminster Hall and thousands of people lining the streets and grounds along the procession’s route.

The two Maxar satellites collected images of London about four minutes apart, and they offer slightly different views of the procession depending on the angles from which the images were taken.


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