Impressive Jupiter image from the James Webb Telescope


Images are very detailed. There are two small moons, glowing poles and a nebula.This James Webb Telescope (JWST), currently 1.2 million kilometers from Earth, shares new photos with us.

Imke de Pater, an astronomer at the University of California, Berkeley, said: It’s amazing to be able to see the details of Jupiter and its rings, small moons, and even galaxies in one image.“.

On the image, we observe Jupiter’s northern lights at the poles. They consist of particles from the sun and deflected by the planet’s magnetic field. We can also observe the presence of winds and even storms in detail. Away from the gas giant, Jupiter’s rings and its two moons (Amalthea and Adrastaea) are easily recognizable.

technical strength James Webb Telescope We still have some really nice images at our disposal for the next few months. Remember, JWST aims to study the first galaxies through long-term observations in the near-infrared range.

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