Important message from Ana Rosa Quintana after receiving “Antena de Oro”

Anna Rosa Quintana This Thursday was recognized by the Spanish Federation of Radio and Television Associations and Antena de Oro. The award was awarded to the journalist two years ago, but due to the health emergency caused by the pandemic, she was unable to hold the handover ceremony. It has been held in the glass gallery of the Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid, where these awards have already celebrated their 48th edition.

The communicator has won awards in the TV section.The program is also recognized category Chunk, From TVE; José Luis Pérez, director and host 13 a dayThrough TRECE; and Vicente Vallés, director and host Antenna 3 newsAnd the program Who lives there, From laSexta; and José Antonio Luque, sports editor of Cuatro.

Anna Rosa posted a video/Gtres

Due to her health condition, Anna Rosa could not attend the party, but she did not want to miss this opportunity to send affectionate video messages. She thanked for this recognition and explained her situation in the video: «Thank you very much, I greet you. I feel good, it is a bit long and heavy, but hope it continues to be like it is now. I promise I will be there next year. Good night,” the reporter explained, and he shared this recognition with the AR team.” rel=”nofollow

In the absence of Ana Rosa, it is Xelo Montesinos, General Manager Unicorn content, The person in charge of receiving the award, she was very excited about this matter.

Intense treatment

The reporter announced on her live broadcast in early November that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer: “Today, I will talk about myself for the first time. The past week was very strange and nervous. I left before the end of the show. Twice, I have been absent on Friday. Normally, except for the holidays, I did not miss an appointment with you, even though the new crown virus is lurking in every corner, they keep us at home. I am very grateful to you for bringing us here 17 Years, I think I have to share with you the people who have made me so happy over the years. This is the most important and difficult thing that has happened in my life.” Anna began to say to Rosa: “I want to say goodbye to a season, hope It won’t be long. They detected cancer in the breast. Fortunately, it is localized and has no metastasis, but it requires intense treatment, which will keep me away from this group, away from these colleagues, who are also my family. “He explained.

In the middle of the month, the reporter appeared in front of the camera again, wishing her colleagues good luck at the premiere of Telecinco’s new evening magazine. It is now eight o’clock.used to be Michelangelo Nicholas The person responsible for announcing the news to his partner Sonsoles Ónega was unable to suppress the emotion when he saw Ana Rosa on the set: “You have started sending a message to a person we love very much, that person is here today”, the collaborator Said while accompanying reporters. “Good luck, you are great, I always come, you are lucky, you are great, you will do well,” Anna Rosa said, while Sonsoles Ónega He revealed to her that he “needs his blessing.”

Ana Rosa Quintana and Sonsoles Ónega / Mediaset

Long and prolific career

After more than 30 years in the communications world, Ana Rosa Quintana has become one of the most outstanding journalists on the national stage. Over the years, she has won many recognitions, such as the Ondas Best Speaker Award in 2011; four TP de Oro as the best host, the other as the best entertainment host (2005), and three best variety shows Presenter (2006, 2009 and 2010), and TP de Oro in 2008 Ana Rosa Quintana’s plan, In the best magazine section.

Ana Rosa Quintana leaves Mediaset / Gtres

In addition, she won the Protagonistas de Onda Cero Award; this Eisenhower Television Awards, Because of its commitment to defending and promoting freedom of speech and press; Manuel Alonso Visido Award; UNICEF Medal of Honor In recognition of his special attention to childhood and youth; Most Supporting Role of the Year Award, Thank them for their support in launching the Early Childhood Education Center in Matagualpa, Nicaragua; Best Female Executive of the Year Award; with Women of the Year Solidarity Award Magazine 2010 charm.

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