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I am Vanessa Guillen I am a US Army soldier Vanessa Guillen has always opted out of joining the army but was stationed at Fort Hood and everything fell apart: in 2020 she was murdered by a man after she told her mother she had been sexually abused at the base. soldier

The Vanessa Guillen Story has sparked an international movement of victims of assault demanding justice, and this uplifting, heartfelt film follows her family’s escape for historic Military reform, a journey that takes them all the way to Congress and the Oval Office.

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I’m Vanessa Guillen Cast and crew details:

NBC News

Vanessa Guillen as the self-victim.
Kirsten Gillibrand as U.S. Secretary from New York.
Jackie Spier as California Congressman.
Gloria Guillen as Vanessa’s mother.
Jon Bardin is the executive producer.
Andrea Beeman is a co-producer.

Coming to the sound department, Mario Do Poi is the post production sound.

The director of the movie is Christy Wegener.

I am Vanessa Guillen has a release date of November 17, 2022.

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introduction video

Netflix has the official trailer for her upcoming movie I am Vanessa Guillen. It is reported that nothing has been done about her husband so far, the man under the command of the law enforcement took his own life after the perpetrator was brought to court for alleged murder through his girlfriend.

The trailer for this movie shows some of the scene’s efforts to find him, and his family’s anger and lamentation after the remnants of the documentary’s official interviews were discovered. these cases in the military can sleep under the rug.

The film also featured interviews with the Gülen sisters, Mayra Güllen and Lupe Güllen, who were instrumental in organizing the mass protests that eventually reached Washington. In order to think about being able to sleep, to lose weight, she showcases the science that something went wrong in the months after her initial deployment, she tells me that the things are rented, one of the sisters is sealed, I call you urgent things in the trailer and we don’t know anything about her in another interview, the food is the worst of the worst. He says he will grow. Netflix Also in the movie, Send Kirsten Gillibrand and Rep.

Jackie Spears has revealed, and this is a clip of her sister saying in front of the White House that this is not a Republican, democratic issue, she doesn’t bring up the issue, it’s a humanity issue.


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