I’m the Black Panther, the best way to meet the King of Wakanda


The second standalone Black Panther movie comes out this week, that is Black Panther, and at Libertad Digital we bring you from the hands of Panini Cómics one of the best ways to enter this decades-old universe. With an “I Am” format that already contains stories about Thor, Spider-Man or Doctor Strange, Panini allows us to experience the most important and emblematic moments of T’Challa and the kingdom of Wakanda with one comic book.

This “I’m the Black Panther” collects several stories of varying length, from his first appearance with the Fantastic Four in their comics to his intrusions into their own titles. We’ll get to know Wakanda, its legends, the powerful vibranium metal value, enemies like Killmonger or Ulysses Klaue, T’Challa’s wedding to Storm… yes, before we delve into this and other scenarios, let’s get down to the technical stuff. section: scripts and drawings for various artists such as Stan Lee, Christopher Priest, Don McGregor, Mark Texeira, Reginald Hudlin, Roy Thomas, Jack Kirby, Miscellaneous, Chris Claremont, John Buscema, John Byrne, Stan Lee or Rich Buckler, contains fantastic Four 52 and 53, Avengers 87, Jungle Action 6, Black Panther 1; v3, 1, 57 and 58; v4, 18, 39-41; v6 1, Marvel Team-Up 100 and A+X 3, hardcover, 320 pages, Panini editorial and price €35.


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Origin, evolution and elements of the Black Panther universe

One of the most frequently asked questions from readers who want to get started in the world of comics is: “Where to start?”. As we’ve said many times, this is a perfectly reasonable question, because without a little guidance, the world of comics can feel overwhelming when it comes to getting started. Publishers know this, which is why they promote affordable entry points for all types of audiences. If anyone has seen the Black Panther movies, or just seen the comic book about the character and wants to learn more about him, a great option is Panini’s I Am Black Panther, which brings together a series of stories for us, a decade. by decade., with the most important elements of the Wakanda universe.

This 320-page volume, which also includes a lot of additional text with explanations about the character’s context and evolution, will take us from his first appearance in the Fantastic Four title to the most recent stories of the first black superhero with his own comic and personality. You can take a walk through history through this edition, from its first scripts and classic drawings with Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, to its most current ones. There is absolutely everything, but for me there are three stories, two more classic and one relatively recent, which would stand out from the rest. The first is obviously his comic book debut challenging the Fantastic Four to a match. Second, his first encounter with one of his main enemies, Killmonger. And lastly, the exciting battle against the Skrull Invasion that we find in the volume. I leave you images of this trio of stories:

black panther.jpg

As far as Panini’s edition and choice of stories, both are perfect when it comes to summarizing in one comic the essence of Black Panther, his most prominent allies and villains, Wakanda, his appearance in The Avengers, and also something that is inherent in this character. , the visibility that the world of comics gave to all those black readers who demanded to be represented by a superhero.

At the level of script and drawing, we cannot give the same assessment as other types of comics, because we are dealing with a collection of writers and cartoonists. There are all sorts of styles, narratives and compositions, which also allows you to see the evolution of the character over time. From the classic drawing to the most current. From the most traditional scenario with lots of text and descriptions to the most visual and ninety. It’s all in the same comic.

The most positive part: In the same volume, there is a character history walk through with well-chosen stories that define our beloved T’Challa. Disadvantage: it is, so to speak, an easy dinner, and you want more from it.

black panther.jpg

Conclusion: As with “I Am” Thor, Spider-Man and Co., this “I Am Black Panther” book is a great way to get a full description of the character in question in one volume. If you follow Black Panther regularly, you can travel back in time and revisit its best moments. If you are new to this world, this is a great way to start. Of course, if you want a more standalone character story, or just focus on the plot, you may need to consider other options in the Panini catalog. Enjoy reading if you like.



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