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On the morning of October 29, Sudanese democratic activist Nazim Sirag was very active on social networks, often talking with foreign media, and was arrested in a cafe in the capital Khartoum. On the evening of October 28th, the last message posted by the activist on his Facebook account was “Good night everyone, we will wake up triumphantly”. The next morning, he was arrested in the morning and his Facebook account was closed for no reason.

On Thursday night, Nazim Sirag held 24 telephone interviews with the editorial office of the French Observer on Friday morning. When asked if he was afraid to talk to reporters, he replied: “I am not afraid of anyone.” He no longer answers the phone on Friday.

Sudanese journalist Yousra Elbagir said: “Pika publicly arrested Nazim Sirag.”

Our editorial staff contacted the family of a human rights activist who did not want to be named, and he described his arrest:

In recent days, Nazim has been very active on social media, so he has become a target of security forces. He returned home at the end of the morning. He took a shower and shaved.Then he went to a cafe In the riad area.

Soon after, soldiers from two pickup trucks came to the front of the cafe.

Their vehicle does not have a license plate. They told him they were soldiers. They put him on one of the pickup trucks and drove away.

Sudanese activists paid tribute to Nazim Silrag by posting his photo on social media and his latest Facebook post, calling for persistence to commemorate Nazim’s battle.

“…Everyone supports the Nazi Party. There are dozens of Nazis in every revolutionary committee, and even they will not stop fighting. [la junte militaire] Imprison them all. Go ahead, if you have the ability to “protest this radical on Facebook who has a close relationship with the Nazi Silag, please try to imprison everyone.”

Nasim Silrag He is a well-known democratic activist in the revolutionary world, where he organized medical aid for the wounded in the demonstration. But it is also known to the state police department.have jail Under Omar Al Bachir, he was arrested twice for activism, 2019 year with 2020 year, After the coup that overthrew the former dictator. During the protests in Khartoum, he recorded violence against civilian demonstrators and the number of deaths on Facebook and Twitter.

Like the Nazi Silrag, several activists and protesters have been arrested in various parts of the country since the October 25 coup According to local media reports And Sudanese revolutionary groups. Other unfortunate people died in the same week.

A bloody day in the north of the capital on Thursday

Shocking image, taken on October 28 Bahri-Al Shaabiya North of the capital Khartoum, demonstrators suffered gunshot wounds. At least two people died on the same night: Yassine Omar Gunshot wound to neckAnd Marwan Gamal were shot in the head.

“The armed forces are using internet interruption to massacre demonstrators. Khartoum-Bahri Al Shaabiya, a few minutes ago, live ammunition was fired on citizens. A dead protester and several others were injured, one of whom was shot in the neck. Seriously injured”, we read This tweet A foreign Sudanese user posted on October 28.

Warning: The image contained in the tweet may be shocking

Yassin Omar, a protester with a neck injury, died in the intensive care unit on the afternoon of October 28. International Hospital According to Sudanese militant groups. “He is a martyr [terme employé depuis le soulèvement de 2019 au Soudan pour désigner les victimes de la répression militaire, NDLR]He was shot in the neck by the armed forces.This is the president’s instruction [Abdel Fattah] Borhan dealt a blow to his citizens and the people who trusted him”, protesting the author This video 3pm tour The level of this intersection Bahri-Al Shaabiya.

According to the same source, soldiers from riot forces, regular and paramilitary forces Rapid support force (FSR), raided neighborhoods north of the capital to remove roadblocks. When the young Yassin Omar was injured by one of them, they were chasing the demonstrators with bullets.

On the evening of October 28, protesters carried the bloody bodies of injured protesters into a hospital in the capital Khartoum.

Sudan Central Medical Council Convene all doctors and nursing staff Get to the nearest medical center and hospital as soon as possible to help the wounded.

On the evening of October 28th, protesters were in front of the International Hospital at the Bahri-Al Shaabiya Community Center in Khartoum.

A new demonstration will be held on Saturday

Despite the fatal riots, the mobilization activities lasted all day on October 29, as evidenced by photos taken in the same area of ​​Bahri-Al Shaabiya that morning. The protesters called for a nationwide demonstration on October 30, with the goal of mobilizing 1 million Sudanese.

According to the latest data from the Central Medical Commission of Sudan, as of October 28, at least 8 people were killed and another 100 were injured. 7 of them are in critical conditionHowever, the committee believes that it is difficult to make a reliable assessment due to the Internet failure and the limited resources available to doctors to investigate all victims in the military.

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