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Illegal immigration: Understanding the digital battle between France and Algeria-zimo news

Although Algeria and France are experiencing a diplomatic crisis in the context of the memorial and reconciliation policy, the tensions surrounding the issue of illegal immigration are now increasing.

Since Algerian President Abdulmajid Tebun condemned on Sunday (October 10) “The Big Lie” The French Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, discussed the number of declared obligations for Algerian nationals to leave French territory (OQTF). Mr. Darmanin insisted that 7,730 OQTF has been announced since January. Objection raised by the Algerian head of state: “Never 7,000 [clandestins algériens],This is completely wrong”.

  • What is OQTF?

In France, foreigners with abnormal status may be subject to various deportation measures.since The so-called “Besson” law in 2011, The obligation to leave French territory (OQTF) Is one of the most widely used programs. This is an administrative decision, valid for one year, made by the provincial government to expel foreigners from French territory to their country of origin.

According to the rules of entry and stay of foreigners and the right of asylum (Ceseda), OQTF may involve:

  • Foreigners who enter France illegally without a valid residence permit;
  • Foreigners staying in France beyond the validity of their visa;
  • The foreigner’s residence permit is refused to be issued or renewed, etc.

However, these “deportation” decisions can be appealed to the courts, and all persons targeted by OQTF will not be placed in detention centers or forced to be deported. Some people may leave spontaneously or benefit from return assistance.

Before returning a foreigner to the border, the authorities must determine his nationality. When he has a passport, it is simple. However, if he does not have an identity document, or if it appears to be forged, the French authorities are obliged to obtain a consular pass (LPC) from the country of origin for deportation at the border.

If you do not have a passport or pass, you cannot take an international flight, guarantee Simard, An association that supports immigration, which stipulates “The LPC’s requirement is mainly to allow people detained in detention centers to return outside the European Union.”

  • What is the object of disagreement between Paris and Algiers?

The French government announced on September 28 that the number of visas granted to Algerian nationals will be significantly reduced by 50%. To justify this measure, he condemned Algeria’s lack of cooperation in applying for OQTF and issuing consular passes allowing migrants to return to their countries of origin.

This decision is related to the goal set by Emmanuel Macron in 2019, which is to implement OQTF 100% before the end of his term.Government spokesperson Gabriel Attal hopes “Promote relevant countries to change their policies and agree to issue these consular passes”.

According to data from the Ministry of the Interior, between January and July 2021, the court ordered 7,731 OQTFs, but only 22 Algerian nationals were effectively deported. The Ministry of the Interior emphasized that France can only expel 0.3% of OQTF. Understanding: Algeria will refuse to grant a consular pass, thereby slowing down the evictions that have become difficult due to the health crisis and border closures.

On the Algerian side, President Tebone refused to accept this figure “7000”And only talked about a list “94 cases”.

  • What exactly is it?

Contact information world, The Ministry of the Interior confirmed that between January and July 2021, 97 high-priority personnel (instead of the 94 as Mr. Tebboune said) were issued for consular passes, who were registered in the anti-terrorist alert document Under radicalization (FSPRT).

However, the representative of Beauvoir Plaza insisted that other demands have been made to the Algerian authorities to deport the people from prison (drug trafficking, crime, etc.) as a priority.

According to the services provided by Mr. Darmanin, a total of 597 LPC requests were made between January and July, involving detainees and persons to be deported. Among them, Algeria only published 31 copies, or 5%, which the Ministry of Interior insisted. To support the lack of consular cooperation, the Ministry insisted that the rate of obtaining passes from Algeria was 33% in 2019 and 23% in 2020.

All in all, the Ministry of the Interior believes that there is a confusion between the number of OQTFs announced by the provinces and the number of requests made to Algeria in order to restore its nationals.

Although almost 7,300 illegal Algerians were indeed targeted by such procedures, France has not established ” Compare” Between January and July 2021, Algiers received 597 applications. The 5% ratio is still too low for the French government, and according to him, it justifies a significant reduction in Algeria’s visa applications.

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