Illegal “carnival” in Italy: 10,000 people, one death, rape, alcoholism and positive commas


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Thousands of young people from various European countries participated in the “carnival‘Illegal installation in a private area on the shore of Lake Mezzano in the Lazio region Italy), after the party’s controversy and the death of a participant, he began to leave the area on Wednesday night.

According to the monitoring participants to leave and determine the order force of some of them, after the organizers decided to end on August 15th and arrived to gather about 10,000 people, there are currently about 250 people in the area.

The illegal meeting they hope to last until August 23 next year was severely criticized by the mayor of Valentano. Stefano Bicciotti, Because “the safety of the entire local community is endangered, not only because of the extremely high risks associated with pandemic emergencies”, but also because of the possible damage to the environment.

The party doesn’t stop

The mayor expressed his wish that “people who have committed such unfair and shameful behavior can be immediately identified and brought to justice.”

According to police sources, the body of a 25-year-old Italian-British boy was found in the lake by divers. His friend claimed that he entered at night, which aggravated the controversy.

Despite his death, the party did not stop, and as many as five participants were hospitalized due to alcohol and drug abuse.

In addition, it is reported that Republic, There have been as many as three reports of rape and dogs found to have died from hot And hunger.

One of the hospitalized patients gave Positive for coronavirusThe newspaper added.

Salvini points to the Ministry of Interior

Politicians like the leaders of the alliance, Matteo Salvini, Has asked the Minister of the Interior to take responsibility, Luciana Ramojis, Because there is no “completely out of control” in this case.

Republic To quote Giancarlo Sant’Elia, the representative of the Viterbo government, “Eviction is impossible because thousands of participants are spread over 30 hectares of land.”

Now, the city council will have to deal with clearing the land and assessing the damage. “The Forest Guard tells us that there will be a lot of garbage. But how does a municipality with 3,000 residents dispose of the garbage left by 15,000? We don’t have the resources,” the mayor sighed.


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