Iker Casillas: his thousand and one controversies on social networks


Since separating from Sara Carbonero, Iker Casillas has been leading the news of sports, love and social chronicles of various controversies due to different publications on the social network.

last weekend, Real Madrid exporter He awakened the worst of most Twitter users by sharing a tweet sarcastically talking about his sexuality: “I want them to respect me: I’m gay.” A few words caused an uproar online as some saw it as offensive to the LGTBI collective, and the community was quick to reject Mostoleño’s post.

Photo by Iker Casillas / Gtres

There are many who believe that taking this step in front of the former cancer patient was an attempt to avoid putting him with María José Camacho, Rocío Osorno, Melyssa Pinto, Shakira or Alejandra Oneevathe last celebrity to partner with Sara Carbonero’s ex-husband since famous journalisthas seen how different media links him to the most attractive women on the social scene.

However, not wanting to confirm the belief that the vast majority ultimately constituted, but when the uproar had become unstoppable, shortly after the tweet was posted, Iker decided to delete the post and made it clear to his followers that his account had been “hacked”. He did so with a new message, in which he also took the opportunity to apologize to anyone who might have felt discriminated against: “Apologize to all my followers and, of course, to the LGBT community,” he said in the aforementioned social media post network. , trying to set aside the controversy, and with it the criticism and all the reactions he’s already received, including from the High Sports Council: “There is still a lot of work to do, to move forward, to educate and raise awareness. Will follow”, Point out from the organism.

Iker Casillas Acting / Gtres
Iker Casillas Acting / Gtres

Nonetheless, it is clear that This is not the first time Iker Casillas has been cannon fodder for different users of the social network. His remarks have at times angered his followers, such as when he used his Twitter account to learn about his followers’ political ideology through a survey published last May, or when he used the aforementioned network to question certain football matches In the arbitration, the opponent team from the Portuguese league played against FC Porto, the last team Madrid players participated in.

On Twitter, he also expressed support for the National Guard, although that meant suggesting to his partner and friends, Gerard PeakeY commented on various topics of the moment in a very humorous way, as it was then Will Smith’s controversial slap to Chris Rock at last Oscars. Iker can’t think of a better idea than to respond to the incident by posting a snippet of the song prince bel aira series starring Smith, accompanied by one of the most popular photos of the time, how could it otherwise have elicited various reactions from his followers.

Iker Casillas posing for the media / Gtres
Iker Casillas posing for the media / Gtres

Last few years, Mostoleño also managed to cause an uproar on Instagram, where he was labelled jealous and possessive In one of his publications, his ex-wife Sara Carbonero was advised not to show her thighs too much because she might become constipated.

The other most notorious controversy was that sparked by a Madridist after insulting a user for a comment he made about his son Martin in a photo of a young boy with his mother: “Throw it into the water to see if it floats”, user said. According to his followers, the Real Madrid exporter responded with a few words in the most inaccurate way: “You have to be a jerk to make such a comment. I want you to be ashamed to think about the three minutes you said,” Iker replied.


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