Iker Casillas: His penultimate effort for Navarre Cruz

Casillas He is one of those people who fully understand what is important to him. One of them is his small town, where the former athlete grew up and spent an unforgettable time.This is why he was particularly injured in the disaster that happened a few days ago, when the 20,000 hectares of rural They burned in Navarre Cruz And three other surrounding towns.

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This is why once the fire is extinguished and after regretting the serious consequences, Casillas proposed not to happen againTo this end, he joined forces with the Red Cross through a foundation named after him. He used a video to promote the new agreement.

Iker Casillas recorded in the same town in Avila. He made a request to everyone: “The Navarre Cruz fire made us realize the importance of caring for the environment. Such disasters will not It happens again. The Iker Casillas Foundation and the Spanish Red Cross have developed a “CO (mpensa) 2″ plan to reforest the disaster-stricken areas. Any help is welcome!”, he said. Donations can be made through Bizum 02725 or through the current account ES42 2038 7725 25 6000095554.

What does Sara Carbonero’s ex-husband plan to do? According to regulations, natural land is reforested by “using the photosynthetic capacity of plants to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, thereby reducing the concentration of these gases in the air”.

The tragedy in Navarre Cruz was triggered by a car accident. On the morning of Saturday, August 14th, vehicles began to burn on the AV P-415 highway between the town of Iker Casillas and Cepeda de la Mora. The vegetation nearby was stained red by the flames. Although he did not travel there at the beginning, the exporter of the Spanish national team provided supporting images and information from a distance.

Casillas, in Navarre Cruz / Gtres

It was not until a few days later that he went to the spot to find out about the injuries. The fact is that it is strange that no serious fire has occurred there, because Casillas has often spent weekends in Navarre Cruz in recent months. However, by coincidence, he was traveling through Alicante. It doesn’t matter that he could not go before, because his neighbors proved it: “He hasn’t come these days, but he can’t do anything. The firefighter must be responsible” and “When everything is over, we will calculate the loss, and we will try our best to help those who have been hit the hardest.In this town, we always help each other and I believe he will do his best to reach out without hesitation”, said the testimony collected by’Vanitatis’. This is what it looks like.

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