Iker Casillas: CC, the initials that changed his life forever


Iker Casillas It has once again placed itself in the eye of the hurricane. His media exposure has increased even more if possible by accepting TVE’s offer to comment on Spain’s matches in the World Cup in Qatar. Social networks have been filled with critical comments towards the former goalkeeper and captain of the National Team for his way of analyzing the matches and for the jokes he makes. “Anyone can say what he says” or “how much have you charged for making comments?” are just some of the kindest responses that can be read towards his person on his Twitter.

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The last months of the ex-husband of Sarah Carbonero They have been marked by the controversial management that they have made of their social networks. Episodes such as acknowledging his homosexuality to later justify that he had been hacked, phrases without apparent meaning or his TikToks have served as throwing weapons for his detractors.

Some criticism that has not altered his decision to continue creating content at all and he made it clear in a forceful tweet: «They are going to criticize you for what you are, for what you are not and for what they think you are. Surely, also because of what you do or what you stop doing. And finally, for what you say… and for what you don’t say!!! YOU LIVE FUCK!». In fact, Iker did not hesitate to stick out his chest a few days ago when he was nominated for some awards that recognized influential Tiktokers: “But wasn’t it ridiculous? But wasn’t it a disaster? But there was no crisis of the 40? he wrote sticking out his chest.

Iker Casillas with the mobile / Gtres

Iker Casillas’ strategy 2.0 is more in the news than ever and even experts in social media they concluded that he was making a mistake, as Look collected in an article that explained the social decline of a legend. even your friend Fernando Hierro he messed with him and warned him that he was “making a fool of himself”, not to try to modernize and motivated him to “be normal again”. They both share a manager.

The shadow of Iker Casillas

The former Real Madrid player does not act alone. In the background, he has a retinue of trusted people who advise him on different aspects of his daily life. That group is headed by a man who responds to the name and surname of Carlo Cutropia. This businessman specialized in marketing and sports for almost four decades has been the representative of Iker Casillas since 2013, as well as his right-hand man.

Cutropia manages the career of the man from Mostol, who is also united by a great friendship that leads to making plans together. Undoubtedly, it is your favorite client within his wide range of represented, it is enough to see how he fills his Twitter account with retweets from the official account of Iker Casillas or that the header photo is one with the former goalkeeper.

An entrepreneur by vocation, Cutropia is a highly respected man in the field of sport and marketing. His nose and audacity for business are proven when he uses Abraham Lincoln and his famous phrase “If I have to fell a tree in 8 hours, I would use 6 to sharpen the axe” to define himself. However, this digital has been able to access testimonials from people belonging to the communication environment who have been able to deal with him and speak of him as “a guy who is better not to throw himself in the face.”

Personal, professional relationship and also as partners. Iker Casillas and his manager have created and lead SportBoots, a project that was born as an accelerator and incubator for sports startups; a joint investment platform specialized in the same, in innovation and technology.

Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero, in an archive image / Gtres
Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero, in an archive image / Gtres

In relation to personal life, it is worth noting the great contrast that exists between an armored Iker and very critical of the media, a management behind which Carlo Cutropia is located. Very different from the style that he has shown Sarah Carbonero, much closer to the media. And so it has become clear in one of his last post, when leaving the hospital, she thanked the press for the treatment and delicacy towards her in one of her most complicated moments. In the antipodes of Casillas.


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