Ignite the fuse in Iran: Protests across the country after a woman dies for not wearing a veil


The images seen in Iran these days suggest that something is going on. All of these are symptoms of the outrage over the violent death of Mahsa Amini. The moral police’s beating of her for not wearing a veil properly and causing her death has shaken Iranian society. It has not hesitated to take to the streets of dozens of cities, rejecting a regime that normalizes attacks on women, simply for not wearing the hijab properly. The country’s authorities responded violently to these mobilizations. So far, 35 people have died.

One of the images was given this week. In a recorded broadcast on social networks, a man on a motorcycle decided to park it in the middle of the square. His only goal at the time was to slap a woman who was there. After his attack, he left and returned to his car as if nothing had happened. To his surprise, suddenly, several people began to accuse him of what he had done. In a short while, there were already more than a dozen people on him who would not let that slap go. In the end, he was surrounded on the ground while being hit.

What you see on the streets of Iran these days is initiated by women. Hundreds responded to Amini’s death with videos of haircuts and hair loss. Such a gesture could have dire consequences in Iran, as the dead saw. Later, refused to move to the streets. Violent images of Iranian police are not uncommon. Although many people can’t see it because of Tehran’s order to cut off the internet, this tries to prevent what happened there from being known.

The protests have spread to dozens of cities in just a few days. That’s a big deal, considering that in other scandals stemming from Islamic law, these mobilizations eventually dissipated without major consequences. The crackdown on them has resulted in the deaths of these 35 people, which the Iranian government has acknowledged. Not just physical attacks. Police fired directly at the assembled crowd, especially in Tehran.

This leads to a surprising situation. In the city of Oshnavier, for example, the protests left a big scuffle between protesters and police. As one newspaper editor in the area explained to The New York Times, the civilians who now “have control of the city” have won from them. Video recorded there showed some well-attended marches, with the most repeated cry of “freedom”.

Faced with the situation, the Iranian military warned that “it is ready” to help the country’s police against protesters “to defend national security.” According to the military, the protests were a “desperate act of the enemy’s nefarious strategy to weaken the Islamic regime”. They also believed that the entire mobilization was supported by “foreign enemies”. In addition, embassies and intelligence services of other countries contribute to this.

Everything that happens these days has to do with the symbol Martha Armini became. He was arrested by Tehran’s morale police last Tuesday in Tehran and was eventually transferred to a police station for “an hour of re-education” for wearing the wrong veil.

Three days later, he died in hospital in a coma after a heart attack. Authorities blamed health problems. The damage he suffered from the blow ruled out that version. The pain caused by his death has brought consensus in Iranian society. Now seems willing to face the consequences of demanding greater freedom.



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