Ignacio Serricchio (Firefly Lane): Biography, Wiki, Age, Household, Occupation, Internet Price & Extras


Ignacio Serricchio (Firefly Lane): Biography, Wiki, Age, Household, Occupation, Internet Price & Extras

Ignacio Serricchio is a famous performer and actor from the province of Lans Este in Argentina.

He is most recognizable for his elements in many television reveals, including The Wedding Ceremony Ringer, Bones, Misplaced in Area, and The Younger and the Stressed, among others.

He was born in the metropolis of Buenos Aires, in the country of Argentina.

Ignacio Serricchio

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Ignacio Serricchio (Firefly Lane): Bio

Ignacio Serricchio is a product of Syracuse College’s theater program, which he graduated from.

In October 2004, Serricchio was solid in the role of the troubled younger Diego Alcazar in the soap opera Normal Hospital.

In November 2006, he gave up cleaning soap. He returned as Diego on February 22, 2008, and continued in that role until March 5, 2008, when the character was terminated.

In 2005, Serricchio played a shrewd Mormon missionary in States of Grace to universal critical acclaim.

In 2007, he was a guest star on the TV show Ghost Whisperer, portraying Gabriel Lawrence in six episodes. Privileged was a gift that aired on The CW in 2008, and he acted as Luis.

Production on The Gift ended on February 24, 2009, and was formally canceled on May 19, 2009. In December 2012, he served as Detective Alex Chavez on the CBS soap opera The Younger and the Stressed Out.

Ignacio Serricchio
Ignacio Serricchio

Ignacio Serricchio (Firefly Lane): Early Life

On April 19, 1982, it was discovered that Ignacio Serricchio was born in the metropolis of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He attended the College of Drama at Syracuse College where he trained.

In October 2004, he became a member of the regular soap opera aired on ABC, often known as “Normal Hospital”.

Regardless of getting the role of Diego Alcazar, he quit the soap opera in November 2006. Immediately after this, on February 22, 2008, he returned to cleaning soap daily until March 5, 2008, when his character gave himself up as part of the storyline.

In the film “States of Grace”, which premiered in 2005, Serricchio plays the role of a clever Mormon missionary.

Ignacio Serricchio (Firefly Lane): Household

Ignacio Ariel Serricchio is the full title of Ignacio Serricchio. His mother is Angela Serricchio and his father is Miguel A. Serricchio.

He was named after each of his dad and mom. He was born on April 19, 1982 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Along with his brother, Alejandro Damian Serricchio, he has been introduced to Argentina since their birth. Besides, he was born under the sign of Aries, which means he is 39 years older.

Ignacio Serricchio
Ignacio Serricchio

Ignacio Serricchio (Firefly Lane): Training

There is a lack of understanding regarding Ignacio Serricchio’s background and credentials. On the other hand, he is a person who is fluent in 4 completely different languages.

Ignacio Serricchio (Firefly Lane): relationship, spouse and extramarital affair

Gabrielle Stone, an American actress, and Ignacio Serricchio were married for almost 2 years throughout their life together.

Their marriage again came to an end after it was discovered that Stone had been having an affair with a woman who was 19 years earlier.

On the other hand, there is no information about the woman’s ID that can be found online. After their divorce, the couple removed all references to their marriage from their online presence.

Ignacio Serricchio
Ignacio Serricchio

Ignacio Serricchio (Firefly Lane): Top and weight

Ignacio Serricchio is a tall man, 5 toes and 7 inches tall (175 cm). And its weight is about 175 kg. He has the build of an athlete.

In addition, it is not uncommon to hear that the actor is an avid fanatic of silhouette graphics, especially tattoos. In addition, he has a script tattooed on the inside of his proper arm.

In addition, he is a licensed lifeguard diver and volunteers his time at Wildlife Waystation in Los Angeles, which is a children’s hospital.

Along with that, it’s actually information that he spends a lot of his free time training Kung Fu.

Ignacio Serricchio (Firefly Lane): Profession

In 2007, he appeared on the television show Ghost Whisperer in the recurring role of Gabriel Lawrence for six episodes.

In these episodes, he acted as the male character. In 2008, he appeared on The CW’s hottest test, which was declared favored, taking the role of Luis.

On the other hand, the production of the gift was stopped on February 24, 2009, and finally canceled on May 19, 2009.

Between December 2012 and January 2014, Serricchio appeared in a number of roles, during which he portrayed a police detective.

His role on the CBS daytime cleaning soap opera, often known as The Younger and the Stressed, was performed by Alex Chavez and the gift was broadcast on CBS.

While he was involved in the second and final season of arguably the most famous drama sequence, Witches of East Finish, in 2014, he was given a recurring character as a medic named Tommy Cole.

In arguably the most famous sitcom on television, BET, Serricchio was solid in the role of Miguel in the summer of 2015.

While he was considered for the role of Brandy Norwood, he was also working on the current “Zoe Ever After”. In “Bones”, seasons 9 to 12, he will play the role of Dr. Rodolfo Fuentes, which is his second role at the moment.

In early 2018, he made guest appearances in a number of assignments, including “1965 TV Sequence” and “Misplaced in Area”, each produced by Netflix.

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Ignacio Serricchio (Firefly Lane): Awards

Ignacio Serricchio was recognized for his performance in the 2019 “El Recluso” sequence, which earned him a PRODU Award nomination in the Leading Actor category – De Serie, Superseries or Telenovela (Prisoner).

Ignacio Serricchio (Firefly Lane): Controversy

Stone’s latest tweets and Instagram photos suggest the couple have been married for almost a year and a half at this level.

After some time, in 2019, they both decided to end their marriage. It felt cheap to imagine that in 2018 they could finally get married.

In the meantime, they’ve removed most of the photos they took while they were collectively from their social media pages, along with those from Instagram and Twitter.

An extramarital affair that Serricchio had with a woman who was 19 years earlier led to the couple deciding to end their marriage and divorce.

After Gabrielle discovered that her husband was having an affair with another girl, she immediately filed for divorce and in no time the divorce was finalized.

Only a few months later, Gabrielle Stone began writing an e-book that may later be called Eat, Pray, #FML. In this e-book, she detailed all the things and every element of her life, from marriage to divorce and other things that go with it.

She mentioned all the occasions that happened in her life after the divorce was finalized.

Ignacio Serricchio
Ignacio Serricchio

Ignacio Serricchio (Firefly Lane): Internet price

According to some estimates, Ignacio Serricchio’s Internet worth is nearly $2 million. As a result of the fact that he amassed such a gigantic fortune for himself, we will certainly check him out as an extremely profitable person.

He has appeared in nearly 15 or more completely different TV apps and has worked with some of the most famous personalities such as Bryton James, Sasha Calle and Natalie Compagno.

Quick information

The actual full title Ignacio Serricchio.
Nickname Nacho Velio.
Common title Ignatius.
Start date April 19, 1982.
Age (as of 2020) 39 years earlier.
Well known for Ringer wedding ceremony, Bones, Lost in the neighborhood, Younger and stressed and so on. comes from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Place of birth Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Current residence United States.
Career TV character.
Nationality Argentinian-American.
Belief Christian.
Internet value (from 2021) USD 4 million – USD 5 million.
Training Graduate.
Alma mater 1. Syracuse College
2. Loyola Marymount College.
Ethnicity Total.
Zodiac signal Libra.
Father and mother Mom– Angela Serricchio.
Father – Miguel A Serricchio.
Siblings Sister – Not disclosed.
Brethren – Alejandro Serricchio.
Top (approx.) In inches in the fingers: 5′ 9″.
Weight (approx.) in kilograms: 75 kg
Tint your hair Brown.
An eyeshadow Dark brown.
Wedlock Married.
Spouse Unidentified.
Small children Thread.

Ignacio Serricchio quotes

  • “I want to have fun and be artistic.”– Ignacio Serricchio
  • “I used to be by no means a sci-fi or house fan.”– Ignacio Serricchio
  • “Twice a week I’m in the water fishing for lobster.”– Ignacio Serricchio

Information about Ignacio Serricchio

  • Ignacio is a tattoo fanatic. As a result, he received an inscription tattooed on his right arm.
  • He is fluent in 4 languages.
  • Ignacio is certified as a rescue diver.
  • In addition, he is involved in volunteering. He volunteers at Wildlife Waystation and Youngsters’s Hospital in Los Angeles.
  • Ignacio practices Kung Fu when he’s not in front of a digital camera.
  • Actors Christopher and Dee Wallace were his in-laws.
  • Kung Fu is what it does.
  • Syracuse College is where Ignacio Serricchio went to high school.
  • He can speak 4 languages.
  • Ignacio Serricchio attended Loyola Marymount College.
  • He volunteers at Wildlife Waystation and Youngsters’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

Trivia Ignacio Serricchio

  • Ignacio Serricchio was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • His delivery signal is Aries.
  • He is a graduate of the Syracuse College Theater Department.
  • He is an actor, commonly identified in Misplaced in Area Season 3 (2021), American Dad! (2018) and Information for Girls Before Divorce (2017).
  • He served as Lázaro Mendoza / Dante Pardo from “El Recluso” and Danny Diaz from “Firefly Lane”.
  • Ignacio has described himself as “Italian” and “Latino”.

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Ignacio Serricchio FAQ:

  • Does Ignacio Serricchio know how to cook?
    Not applicable
  • Does Ignacio Serricchio smoke?
    Not applicable
  • Does Ignacio Serricchio drink alcohol?
    Not applicable
  • Does Ignacio Serricchio go to a fitness club?
    Not applicable
  • What are Ignacio Serricchio’s hobbies?
    Studying, photos, studying, sightseeing, web browsing and calling a few.
  • Who is the father of Ignacio Serricchio?
    Ignacio Serricchio’s father’s title is not applicable.
  • Who Is Ignacio Serricchio’s Mom?
    Ignacio Serricchio’s mother’s title is N/A.
  • Where is Ignacio Serricchio from?
    Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • When is Ignacio Serricchio’s birthday?
    April 19, 1982.
  • How old is Ignacio Serricchio?
    As in 2022, Ignacio Serricchio is 40 years old.


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