If you hate the smell of food staying on your hands, Lidl has your device


There are odors that can be generated in the house and that can become a real nightmare when you don’t know how to get rid of them, but fortunately many of these odors can be avoided, especially in the kitchen. Today we show you a Lidl utensil which is perfect so that the smell of certain foods does not stay on your hands… you will always want to use it!

Lidl offers a wide variety of utensils in its kitchen section that will help you make all the tasks you do there easier, more comfortable and more efficient, both when preparing food and when washing, processing or cleaning. the cooking. The German chain triumphs with its proposal, especially in Spain, where it has already more than 600 establishmentsa figure that increases every year.

The Lidl garlic press you need in your kitchen

It is garlic pressa utensil that you can get a lot out of in your kitchen and with which you will get rid of the very strong smell that garlic leaves on your hands, which can be very annoying because it is very difficult to eliminate. It currently has a price of only € 4.99a bargain not to be missed because it is really worth it.

East Lidl garlic press It has a non-slip handle so you can handle it safely. Su funcionamiento es muy sencillo, bastará con meter el ajo en su interior y con tan sólo apretar el mango ya se déhará y estará listo, por ejemplo, para que lo macaques más fácilmente en una salsa o para que lo pongas sober otros alimentos en el dish.

Made of plastic for the handle and stainless steel for the rest of the press, it measures 19.5 x 7.2 x 3.2 cm, for a weight of 210 g. You can wash it in the dishwasherwhich is fantastic since you won’t have to constantly scrub to remove the smell the garlic will leave inside.

Thanks to this fantastic garlic press from Lidl, you will be able to handle this food without leaving your hands full of her scent, which soaks in a lot and it is really very difficult to remove it afterwards. Plus, by crushing the garlic with one simple motion, you’ll be able to handle them effortlessly and it will take less time to prepare any dish you want to put garlic in. One of those purchases that is worth it because you are going to enjoy it, always.


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