If Tom Brady retires: who could be the next Tom Brady?


ANDEverything points to the fact that at 44 Tampa Bay Buccaneers defender Tom Brady will retire after 22 years as a professional and with virtually all of the most important quarterback records in NFL history.

It is natural in human nature to look for someone to take his place as a quarterback who will dominate the league for at least the next decade, the simplest answer is to say no one will take his place, but if we have to choose who Well, this is one of the most popular options.

Patrick Mahomes

He is a natural candidate for this feat, which seems almost impossible, short of this absolute mind-boggling spectacle. Kansas City Chiefs who only played four seasons in the NFL, but the level of skill is unprecedented even for Brady.

He is the first quarterback to become the first home quarterback in four consecutive conference championship gamessomething that even Brady hasn’t achieved, and this quarterback has already done it at just 26 years old.

If we project his current pass completions, air yards, and touchdowns, he will surpass today’s Brady. play four seasons less.

His style is very different from the sevenfold super bowl winnermuch more mobile and with a better hand, there will always be the question of whether he can maintain this level for so long?

Josh Allen

In the divisional round, the current buffalo bills the quarterback has proven he can compete with Mahomes play after game and like Brady has already proven he can take down the weak opposition of the AFC East Division, the difference is now the New England Patriots will play the role the Bills played when played by Brady. for Pats.

Joe Burrow

He is younger than both Mahomes and Allen, and his potential is sky-high. The most important comparison to Brady is that he took on a losing franchise and already won a game in the postseason. Cincinnati Bengals for the first time in 31 years.

Other less likely options

Justin Herbert, Mac Jones, Trevor Lawrence, a quarterback who has yet to make it to the NFL, a quarterback who has yet to be born.


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