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Enyimba City, often known as the city of elephants, is another name for aba. Together with Onitshathe city is located in Abia and serves as the commercial hub of southeastern Nigeria.

Ideal Aba markets for textile shopping
Ideal Aba markets for textile shopping

Nigeria’s first locally produced goods manufacturer, Aba, often copies international names and brands on its goods. As a result, it has become known by the term “Aba Made”. The city is home to several of Nigeria’s largest markets, including the well-known Ariaria International market.

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The city is home to Nigeria’s largest leather goods manufacturer, creating items such as shoes, belts and bags. Another area of ​​expertise for Aba is textiles, so today we’re going to look at some of the best markets out there for buying textiles.

Inside Aba Market

The New Market at Aba Road is the second largest textile market in Aba. New Market Rd.

The market is flooded with junk clothes and various treasures. It all depends on your preferences and your budget. The market is often considered to be “Okirika’s” home base (imported fairly used clothing and accessories).

Along with other products, some parts of the market also contain arts and crafts. Below are some Aba textile markets you should know.

Eziukwu market

Eziukwu market

The majority of Aba’s textile imports are headquartered at Eziukwu Market, often known as the graveyard market. Textiles from some of the most reputable clothing brands in the world can be found here.

They are also affordable. You may want to look out for imitations advertised as genuine.

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International market at Ariaria Aba

International market at Ariaria Aba

Ariaria International Market is the proverbial “elephant in the room.” It is one of the largest markets in the area and the largest in Abia State. It is an outdoor market known for the variety of clothing and leather products it can produce.

Aba textile market

With an estimated two million traders, Ariaria International Market is one of the largest leather shoe manufacturing markets in West Africa. One of the best marketplaces in Aba, and possibly all of Africa, is this one. The market is filled with textiles of various shapes and costs, so you may want to start here.

Ekeoha market

Ekeoha market

Of Aba’s textile markets, Ekeoha Market is the best organized.

The market is where you can find Aba’s latest and luxurious fabrics. Ekeoha Marketplaces, one of the largest clothing markets in Nigeria and the whole of Africa, is solely dedicated to textiles. The market is known for selling electronics, as well as its components and equipment.

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Nsulu market

Nsulu market

There are many tailors in the area who make and design clothes for people when they buy their fabrics. Nsulu Market also sells textiles and cotton fabrics at reasonable prices. Although it is the smallest of the five markets, it more than makes up for it in structure and cleanliness.

Aba shopping market


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