Idaho Tax Rebate 2022: When Can You Expect an Idaho Tax Refund?


Twere here tax breaks sent to citizens in the state Idaho, United Statesmoreover, they are issued to those individuals who lived in Idaho for the entire year in 2020 and 2021 and filed income declarations for these two years.

When it comes to money that Idahoans can get, $75 per taxpayer and each dependent or 12 percent of their 2020 taxes. What amount is more, so you will receive from Idaho State Tax Commission.

When will I receive my Idaho tax refund?

How Tax Commission is issuing tax credits by sending them in the order in which they received their 2021 personal income tax returns, starting with any taxpayers who are eligible for direct deposit tax refunds. The next group of people who will receive their payments are those who will receive a paper check.

It is expected to be approximately 25,000 chargebacks weeklyand tax refunds that are already being channeled to eligible residents.

However, if you decide you want return your discount to the state, you will be able to choose where to go: public schools; transport; or parks and recreation areas. You can do this at

If you want to know where your rebate is, the quickest way is to check online at There you will find information about the tax refund and its status.

To use online services, taxpayers will need to know their Social Security number, as well as their Idaho driver’s license, state identification number, or 2021 income tax return.

By the end of 2022 Tax Commission waiting to release over 800,000 tax breaks for a total of up to $350 million.


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