Ida Elise Broch (Christmas Storm): Biography, Wiki, Age, Household, Occupation, Internet Value & Additional


Ida Elise Broch (Christmas Storm): Biography, Wiki, Age, Household, Occupation, Internet Value & Additional

Netflix has found a key ingredient in the elixir that can keep viewers hooked on the company’s spectacular selection of movies and TV shows from around the world.

“Dwelling for Christmas” is the main authentic Norwegian sequence you can get on the streaming platform.

The second season of the romantic comedy-drama debuted on television on December 18, 2020, shortly after the first part of The Gift received much acclaim.

Ida Elise Broch, who starred in the film as a truthful nurse, was able to endear herself to viewers and impress their ideas with a narrative that was easy and compelling for a couple of women who found true love.

After the flawless performance she gave in her position as Johanne, we were curious to learn more about the great actress; the next is all we found about her.

Ida Elise Broch

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Ida Elise Broch (Christmas Storm): Who is she?

Ida Elise Broch, Norwegian actress, was born on June 25, 1987. She is the half-sister of Nicolai Cleve Broch and Christian Cleve Broch.

Broch is best known for his role as Catherine in The Man Who Loved Yngve, but additionally played a key character in Change.

In a Norwegian television sequence produced by The Third Eye, she portrayed police detective Mari Friis.

She also starred in season three of the Netflix Lilyhammer sequence. He has a starring role in the movie Dwelling for the Holidays which was produced by Netflix.

Ida Elise Broch (Christmas Storm): Early Life

Ida Elise Broch made her world debut on June 25, 1987 in the metropolis of Oslo, Norway.

At a younger age, the 33-year-old woman saw that performing was her true calling, and he or she enrolled in Hartvig Nissen’s faculty to begin coaching in this craft.

She started taking theater courses when she was in elementary school and continued to do so until she became a Romerike Folks Excessive Faculty Scholar.

She has been an energetic performer since she was in elementary school.

Ida decided to devote her life to a film career in the early spring of 2007, when she additionally started the production of the film “The man who valued Yngve”.

She pursued her ambitions with zeal and in the fall of 2008 she enrolled at the Norwegian National Academy of Dramatic Arts with the intention of earning at the level of performing arts from the establishment.

Ida Elise Broch (Christmas Storm): Household

Kristina Slinning, Ida Elise Broch’s mother, and her father, Ida Elise Broch’s father, led separate lives.

The Norwegian actress can be very supportive and understanding of her home scenario which includes her father’s relationship with Elisabeth Grndahl.

She says she is happy for him.

It is fascinating that her father chose the name “Ida” for his daughter because he had happy childhood memories when he was studying the fairy tale “Ida’s Flowers” and always wanted to name his daughter after Ida.

She is the half-sister of Christian Cleve Broch as well as Nicolai Cleve Broch, who is a widely known actor in Norwegian theater and cinema.

Ida, as it were, speaks loudly about the truth that she is most grateful for the presence of her family members in her life.

Ida has kept radio silence regarding the specifics of her personal life, however, she does not hesitate to take a peek at the moments she spends with the people she probably cares about most.

For example, she does not talk about her love life, although her co-worker, who is unknown to the general public, frequently appears on her social media accounts.

Despite this, she does not talk about her love life. Ida, who is a loving dog mom, sends attractive pictures of her pug, Toni, much more often than pictures of herself.

Ida Elise Broch (Christmas Storm): The Profession

Ida Elise Broch began her career as an actress in 2006 with the short film “Bakkeflyvere”.

The following year, she got the chance to showcase her knowledge in a Norwegian snowboarding film called “Change” and he or she took the chance with both hands.

Her breakthrough performance came after she performed in this position, and it was in “The Man Who Loved Yngve” that she gained quite a reputation and success.

Due to her excellent role as Birgitte in the third season of the Netflix series “Lilyhammer”, she was awarded Best Actress at the Gullruten (Golden Display Screen) Awards 2015.

It helped put her on the map. Ida then played the character of Mari Friis, a police detective, in the Norwegian TV series “The Third Eye”. 2019 became the year she became internationally recognizable with the unique “Dwelling for Christmas” sequence produced by Netflix.

Ida Elise Broch started her professional life when she was only 19 years old in 2006, but thanks to her skills and hard work, she gained fame in a relatively short time.

Ida became known for her work not only in her country of residence, but also in other countries. Ida has been associated with theater since primary school.

She then continued her studies at Hartvig Nissen and Romerike Folks Excessive.

She dropped out of college and started working in the film industry in the spring of 2007, but a year later, in the fall of 2008, she enrolled at the Norwegian National Theater Academy.

Ida Elise Broch is gaining popularity as an actress, but is notoriously reticent about her private life, especially about her household. She was very discreet about the script.

Ida Elise Broch
Ida Elise Broch

Find out additionally:


  • bakeflyvere (short) (2006)
  • Change (2007), as Nina
  • A man who valued Yngve (2008), as Catherine Halsnes
  • Twende (short) (2008), as Ella
  • Amor (short) (2009), as Julie
  • Paten (2010), as Elise
  • Dark souls (2011), as Maria
  • Conqueror (TV sequence) (2012), as Kristin
  • Detective Downs (2013) as Isabel Star
  • lilyhammer (2014), as Birgitte
  • Third Eye (2014), as Mari Friis
  • An apartment for the holidays (Hi until July ) (2019–2020) as Johanne


  • Gullruten 2015 as “Best Actress” for her position in lilyhammer

Ida Elise Broch (Christmas Storm): Internet Value

Almost all of Broch’s earnings come from his performances. It is expected that in 2020-2021, its Internet price will increase significantly.

By 2021, its online price is expected to range from $1 to $5 million. Even after a year, we still track her annual salary in addition to the internet price.

Ida Elise Broch
Ida Elise Broch

Ida Elise Broch’s Instagram

Ida Elise Broch Trivia

  • Ida Elise Broch was born in Oslo, Norway.
  • Her delivery signal is Most Cancer.
  • Ida took part in theater training at Hartvig Nissen Excessive Fakultet and later joined Romerike Folks Excessive Fakultet.
  • She studied at the School of Performing Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts.
  • She is an actress, most recognized for Fenris (2022), Apartment for Christmas (2019-2020) and Livstid (2020).
  • Ida played Birgitte in “Lilyhammer”, Isabel Stjernen in “Detective Downs” and Maria in “Darkish Souls”.
  • He has a half-brother named Nicolai Cleve Broch.
  • You can also find her on Instagram under the username @idaelisebroch_official.

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