Icardi and Wanda Reach Peace: I Have Nothing If I Don’t Have It


TOafter 10 days of bickering after Mauro Icardisupposed romance with China SuarezLove won both Paris Saint-Germain striker and his wife. Wanda nara agreed on peace.

Wanda confirmed on her Instagram account that the two decided to give their relationship another chance by agreeing to a divorce.

“The photos I have uploaded in recent months have shown how happy we are,” Wanda wrote along with the photo in which she and Icardi were going to kiss. “I was very offended by what happened, even the day I asked Mauro for a divorce.

“When he realized there was no turning back, he told me that we couldn’t go on like this, that if separation was the only way to end the pain, then we could. We went to our lawyer and Mauro accepted all the conditions and we signed the contract.

“The next day he wrote me a letter as if no one had ever written to me. He said that he gave me everything, and he has everything, and that my happiness will make him happy.

“Then I realized that I could have had everything, but have nothing, if I had not been with him. I’m sure this bad time will bring us together as a couple and family.

“The important thing is that we both had the freedom to finish eight years of history, but tired of crying, we chose each other. I love you, Mauro Icardi… “

Wanda She continued to post a series of photos in her Instagram story of the couple.

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