Iberia transfers 84 Afghan citizens rescued from Kabul to Torrejón de Ardoz base


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Iberia Actively joined a great international organization Transfer of Afghan refugees, For special flights from Torrejón Airport, providing space at their airport Scheduled flight And cooperate with different departments to solve file problems.

Specifically, this past Wednesday, August 25th, he took an Airbus A321 for a special flight. Paris de Gaulle And Torrejón brought 39 people to Spain, and they arrived in France by military plane from Kabul.

And this Friday, the 27th, a special flight has ended Madrid-Amsterdam (Held yesterday) and Paris Charles de Gaulle-Torrejon, 45 of whom will come to Spain. In the Netherlands, 29 Afghan citizens boarded the ship, and 16 Afghan nationals boarded the ship in France. The special flight is scheduled to arrive in Torrejón at 2:30 pm this Friday.

End of mission

Spain Has ended its mission in Afghanistan this Friday According to government sources, those who are still coordinating the evacuation and evacuation of the partners are already in Dubai and will arrive at Torrejón de Ardoz Air Base at 4:45 pm.

Two A400 aircraft from Kabul landed in Dubai at around 7 am. These two flights ended the evacuation of Hispanic Afghan collaborators and their families.

In these last flights, they travel 81 Spanish Except for the 4 Portuguese military personnel and 85 Afghan collaborators from Spain, Portugal and NATO, these people remain in the embassy and military personnel in Afghanistan.


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