Ibai, Aitana, María Pombo…Who will be the most popular internet celebrity in 2021?


RAE says Influencer It is “a British style used to refer to people who have the ability to influence others, mainly through social networks.” Nevertheless, it is undoubtedly a fashionable term in the digital society we experience. In this group, several faces appear on our electronic devices every day: Ibaianos, Maria Pombo, Indigo Lola, Joaquin Sanchez…Each of them shines in their profession, but they all have one thing in common, that is, they are very influential on the Internet.

As it happens, November 30 is Influencer Day, and these faces have a lot to say about it. This is a day to recognize the work of social network content creators, who can inspire millions of people with their publications, and to some extent become a window for more and more brands to promote their products in the following ways And service advertising campaigns.

therefore, Sanmei Road, An agency specializing in online celebrity marketing, analyzed the activities generated on Instagram and Tiktok in 2021 to extract The 10 most influential influencers this year. To this end, it is based on a combination of several indicators extracted from its well-known algorithm Shine (Select influencer files from all over the world, monitor more than 42 million influencers and 30,000 content creators, make real predictions and measure the results of the campaign with faster speed and efficiency) In addition to own technology and consultant expertise. An analysis that promotes Ibai Llanos to the king of the Internet.

1. Ibyanos

Ibai Llanos/Gtres

Instagram: 6 million followers
TikTok: 5.9 million followers

The anchor is widely known through Twitch and his e-sports live broadcast. Since then, it has become a phenomenon, winning the best anchor of the year award for the second time at the eSports Awards.Bilbao people have interviewed such influential people Leo MessiAnd starred in a viral video. Recently targeted at one of his young followers, he tried to promote the importance of learning and training, not just want to be a content creator.

2. Rivers-on-Sea

@_river_ADORO ? insta _riverss_?♬ twinnem remix-aaroncanthoop ❤️‍?

Instagram: 1.4 million followers
TikTok: 5.3 million followers

Marina Rivers is one of the biggest stars on TikTok. The popularity of this young woman became popular during the pandemic, when the social network began to become louder and louder. By publicly sharing his romantic relationship with transgender people, he became a symbol of LGTBI. In addition, he is also a contestant of TVE’s Talent Drag.

3. Aitana


Instagram: 2.8 million followers
TikTok: 1.5 million followers

Victory is one of the sweetest faces on social media. Spontaneous and fun, she shares recorded moments and concerts with her followers, as well as different advertising campaigns as the protagonist. The last and loudest one, with McDonald’s.

4. Sofia Moreno

@sofiamoreno_♬ Original Sound-Little Beni

Instagram: 1.2 million followers
TikTok: 3 million followers

It is one of the most famous Douyin users in my country. Although her fame began with the sister of Lola Lolita, who is widely known in the digital empire, Sofía has managed to win a place and a large number of followers with her sharing choreography and idyllic travels in her bathroom in her home.


Instagram: 1.8 million followers
TikTok: 2.2 million followers

It all started with videos about students, which dazzled many people and even wrote a book for them. Anxious and funny, his spoof of the Kayetans is also very popular and even welcomed by them. They identify with these personal information in a humorous way.

6.Lola Indigo

Indigo Lola / Gtres
Indigo Lola / Gtres

Instagram: 1.6 million followers
TikTok: 1.5 million followers

The most famous female student of all time is one of the most popular faces on the Internet. Lola earned her status by sharing funny singing and dancing videos. The former winner is both adventurous and revolutionary, posting backstage moments, concerts and advertising campaigns for her followers.

7. Maria Pombo

Instagram: 2.2 million followers
TikTok: 282,700 followers

Thanks to María Pombo, nail art in autumn will become fashionable
Maria Pombo/Instagram

She is the queen of Instagram, and she is sowing the same path on TikTok. María Pombo shares her daily life with her large community: warm moments with her son, collaborations with different brands, looks and friends. She was also encouraged by choreography with friends and even partners.

8. Joaquin Sanchez

Joaquin/ Antenna 3
Joaquin/ Antenna 3

Instagram: 3.4 million followers
TikTok: 1.2 million followers

Joaquint This is his nickname on Instagram, and there is no better choice. Betis football player has always been active on social networks, but with the start of the reality show La Isla de las Tentaciones, he completely changed his followers through imitation and live broadcast in the living room. Joaquín dances and sings spontaneously and humorously, and dares to face everything before him.

9. Mattita De Grana

Instagram: 1.4 million followers
TikTok: 589,400 followers

Confinement assumes it takes off in social networks. Martita de Graná (Martita de Graná) started playing the video from home, in which she laughed at herself and the everyday situations that have emerged around the world due to the pandemic. Very interesting, she has become one of the most popular comedians in recent years, crowded with large theaters and made thousands of people laugh.

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